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My sad Fiverr story: today my account was permanently disabled after 5 years of immaculate work!

Here is my story and I’ve decided to share it with the community. Thank you for reading it! I signed up for Fiverr five and a half years ago and until today I was a second level seller with a five star rating. And that’s how Fiverr thanked me!

I had hundreds of completed orders under my belt. I had hundreds of returning satisfied customers. But today, Fiverr’s support service deleted my account without a shadow of a doubt and left without money, the money I honestly earned.

There were two orders left in the process, and two, probably, confused returning buyers, who, instead of an awauted translation, received a message that the money would be returned to their account and their orders were cancelled.

What led to this? Well, the fact that the seller has no rights on Fiverr at all! Even a shady new sign-up customer can simply click “report” and they’ll kick you out! We, the performers, cannot even be the first to leave a review about the customer! And we just put five stars, in the hope that they will be given to us too.

Three days ago, in the middle of the night, I received an order, and to be honest, I had a feeling that everything would end badly. Why didn’t I listen to my sixth sense …?

The customer was initially rude and unpleasant. He registered recently and there were only 2 reviews about him, they were 5 stars, but very laconic reviews. I spent three days, three hard days and did a wonderful translation, finding the originals of the quotes, which was quite difficult. I was proud of the work done! And in response, I received a request for cancellation and a disgusting rude message, where the buyer was rude to me and called me a fraud!

I agreed to cancel, but attached a rude message. I overreacted! That was all I wrote! After a couple of hours, Fiverr’s support service deleted my account completely, leaving me without the money I earned, without a chance to prove my case!

I have never felt so powerless and vulnerable. Now, in a time when it is so hard to find a job, when it is so hard to survive in Eastern Europe, in times of crisis and pandemic, when everyone must unite and support each other! It turned out that the opinion of a newly registered buyer, who, apparently, was a schemer himself, is more important to Fiverr than me and my 5.5 years of immaculate work. And my five and a half years of honest work means nothing. This is how they treat people who helped the platform to prosper!

Thanks for reading. Natasha from Eastern Europe.

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you caused this for yourself. good luck with whatever you do in the future, sounds like a difficult life lesson to learn, but I hope you do learn.


Hey Natasha,
Sorry to hear that your account was deleted. You should not have written the statement that now you guess might be the reason of such a big decision. May this incident be a great lesson for you and we.



Your comment was absolutely non-professional and straight-up racist. I am sorry, but to me you deserve this ban. Because a customer is very rude does not allow you to be an awful person in return. In any condition.

Hope that will serve you as a good lesson for the next adventure in your life.
Take care !


I do not think this is what she meant, not such event could be held in USA I believe.

There is though an Anti-Semitism Conference that talks about this problem and try to figure out solutions on how to fight it.


well this is kinda unacceptable … sorry to say. If you feel uncomfortable to work with a client and you are 100% sure that you delivered everything that you initially agreed to do simply contact support and explain the situation or ask them to cancel the order… There’s no need to argue with anyone or insult them or make such remarks , they only get you in trouble… they won’t solve anything else


You’re right. Because I read it as is and thought: “What a bizarre thing to be proud about.”

I’d still cancel via CS. Rude client + sensitive topic = recipe for disaster.

As for the comment itself, it’s just something you don’t say. I’m sorry for the situation but people have lost jobs for merely implying (or sounding like they were implying) what was said here.

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What did you expect them to do? A slap on the wrist for anti-semitic comments? You left them no other option but to ban you.

You should consider yourself lucky if the buyer does not go public with this


I feel sorry for you but I have to agree with the others. It was a little bit insensitive. All the best for your future plans though!

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Did you get the permission from Customer Support to open a new account? Because if you didn’t, you broke the rules (again), and you could easily get banned.

EDIT: Not to mention that your new account is violating several other rules, too (same image for all gigs, two gigs look the same, mention of 5 stars in the images…).

You’ve done goofed lol. That was literally the worst thing you could have said. Fiverr is based in Israel, and you insult jews? LMAO

Lol, like that would do anything. Public to whom? That matters if you’re a public figure. Nobody would care in Eastern Europe anyway. She lost the account and that’s it, nothing more will ever come of it.