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My saddest experience with a buyer

Today I had this bad experience I just thought of posting here. A guy came in and messaged me asking me to contact him over telegram.

So as usual I did use my saved response. and then onwards he was asking to do it few times. I kept saying no. I saw him as a legit buyer so I didn’t block him. I thought well could have an order from him. a while later I got a message from Instagram. obviously, he found my social profiles on google searching for my Fiverr username, (that’s the username I’ve used in almost all of my social profiles) so at that point, I chat him on Instagram and he took me to their telegram group. It was a huge project there were like 6 people in that group which I was assigned to. but one guy was the one I was talking to. after getting the entire requirement we wanted to order so I asked him to contact me on Fiverr and sent my gig link. because the first guy who contacted me on Fiverr is not this guy.

Then he placed the order and everything went well. I asked 2 days to deliver that task. so within the first day (yesterday), I did almost everything. and I demo it to them and they were very happy. however there were things left to do, but the basic structure of logic was all in place. so I went to sleep that day. however, they tested it at midnight and found a bug while I’m sleeping. (it’s a no brainer understanding that bugs can happen on any software development especially in test phases) when I woke up I had like 5 msgs on Fiverr and 30 msgs on Telegram yelling at me. I tried to point out that bugs can happen and their obviousness.

And then he wants me to have a call and I jumped in. and he started to be ruder and to yell at me. he even said in our countries we don’t do like this. asked did you ever work with people from the UK USA Australia (well of course I did lmao) and said we’re not like people in India and form your country (Sri Laka) and stuff. basically, his point was due to us being a 3rd world country, we have to be like slaves and work for them and beg for them.

Well at that very moment I pissed off and I wanted to cancel this s*** order and refund him. I’m not saying I was nice to him. I wasn’t. why would I still be nice to him while he’s yelling at me for a bug in a test phase? so I yelled back and said I want this order to be canceled and refund him. and I hang up the call and I removed all the access from the things I did.

then he said this,
lmao, he suddenly became the nicest person on the planet. because he knew that if I cancel this order no one will be able to do this entire thing within his deadline.

And he kept asking to take his apology and to finish the thing so we can be done. I was convinced. because if I cancel this order it will kill my completion rate as well. so I did and delivered. then he accepted the order and this was his review:

wait, what? I canceled the order? how In the world did you write a review on a canceled order? :rofl: well anyways I responded with this:

That was the story.

My learnings: If someone contacts you off of the platform doesn’t matter they contacted you on Fiverr first, do that order off of the platform in a way whatever you feel safe about your payments. So they can’t mess with your reviews, completion rates, and stuff regardless the order goes all good or not. Probably he reported me too. maybe he might open a support ticket asking to kill me too :rofl: just kidding. but possible :sweat_smile:

Conclusion: This guy was the problem. It was a crypto project and they seem like they’re on a busy schedule they might be in a hard time. but I don’t deserve to get yelled at or blamed because of their stress and neither my mother country. I know I’m not the nicest person. but I still manage to be nice to the people who treat me nice no matter how wrong they’re. Anyways at least I got my payment cleared for what I worked for a whole day. so it’s not that bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you think? Add your comments below, I would like to correct myself for the future If I was wrong at any point here.

Thank you everyone!


Today (3 days later) I suddenly got this on fiverr.

And this:

Got my order completion rate reduced. :white_check_mark:
That person got my work for free. :white_check_mark:
Wasted a full working day for nothing. :white_check_mark:
Got a 1-star review on my new gig which ruined its overall rating. :white_check_mark:
That gig went down in the search due to the cancellation. :white_check_mark:
More importantly, got a warning on my account. :white_check_mark:

Wow, what an achievement. Good job myself, good job. :joy:


I’m sorry you had this experience.I would have blocked and reported him as soon as he persisted with contacting me off the platform and I would have blocked him from my social media accounts too. Apart from anything else, it’s an invasion of privacy. Consider this a hard lesson learned and be careful with this in future. It’s against TOS to communicate outside of the platform unless it’s absolutely necessary for the order to be carried out, don’t risk your entire profile being deleted.


Yeah I know its absolutely against the ToS to communicate off of the platform. but again I shared no contact info on the platform too. They found me on Instagram and they’re the one who contacted me. so its basically an outside-of-fiverr work I just make the order on Fiverr to keep my payments in a good way. (which was a fault of mine which I will never do again for an outside-of-fiverr work.) I could’ve use PayPal for services or something like that, but I didn’t thought too much. anyways Thanks for your reply @leannelrivers :innocent:


I just realized telegram nowadays is an app.

I was about to say, that is a very old fashion and personal way of communicating these days!


Hahaha so funny, This is the same as it was back then, but a bit faster, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Sounds like a common Idiot.
In Hebrew we have a quote saying: “He thinks the sun is rising from his ass” :rofl:
I had amazing customers lately but my last customer oh man he was awful
He tried to scam me clicked on revision like a 100 times then ask for a cancellation saying I’m a scammer, Giving fake creative like I sent it as evidence and for last accusing me that I’m a hacker saying I hacked his computer :laughing: Say Whaaaaaat???

I tried opening a cs ticket through my phone but I got messages in between so I wrote for a lot of time (and English is not my native) writing writing… than suddenly a call I accidentally clicked the back button and all my long post disappeared.

I am still smiling… Silly Me… Good old Murphy’s Law.


It really is, some of these people think that they can do everything with their “Money”. They think like people they hire from developing countries should serve them like slaves. Maybe they’re thinking like just because we work within a comparatively low budget, we are worthless. I was very angry when he was saying like they’re the best people and we’re trash. (he didn’t say this exactly, but that was the sound) If you’re from a good wealthy country, you must be proud of it. and should not use that as a tool to take down other people who’re not. We all have the same rights as people.

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I’m sure I feel the same way. My country is highly developed (Israel) but still sometimes I fall on a racist, That happens. Not only that, Just as you say it’s exactly that. We work on a low budget on fiverr and there are buyers here that thinks that if they are putting the money on the table they can give you shitty attitude.

I had customers bullying me or cursing me and I can’t even block them because I have active order with them I need to tolerate this kind of conversations when I’m truly kind and respectful to all of my customers.

I get 5 stars most of the times but there will always be that kind of people. I really understand you but don’t think you are the only one.
I think it happens to all of us here- There’s just small percent of people like us that aren’t willing to do everything for money or in any budget, We respect our self and our time and also other people. If you can respect yourself you can respect others.

Not a lot of people here take fiverr seriously as a small business like they should.
That means that there is a lot of bad sellers too. So I think maybe buyers that got scammed a lot here thinks that we all are just poor and scammers and we are very stupid but yet they still pay us to do the work that they don’t know how to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sending good vibes for you + Good energies and a lot of greens :money_mouth_face: A blessing on your wallet :rofl:
At least I had good sales today to stay motive a little bit.
Don’t let them put you down, Chin up! :slight_smile:


God bless Israel :+1::blush:…beautiful country with beautiful culture, inteligence and many more :wink::+1::partying_face::sparkles: greetings from Venezuela :partying_face:

Updated the post, worth checking it out. :joy:

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