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My Sale has fallen after leveling up!

Hey!! I am a 1 month old seller on Fiverr… I enjoyed working in the first month and got 50+ orders. As soon as I gained level 1 seller tag my sale eventually stopped and now its been 6 days after becoming level 1 seller I have not got any single order. I wander what has gone wrong as I was expecting my sales will increase after leveling up but its strange not even a single order?? I sent a mail to Fiverr support staff and they said you need to make changes in your gig. That’s strange those same gigs brought me 50+ orders in a month and now what has gone wrong with them? Please help me out…

Hi There

I had a similar thing. I am level 2 now and my analytics tell me that my views are falling. I am still getting orders everyday but I feel like maybe I have been penalised for moving up a level. I was told this gets your more traffic but I am getting a lot less.

Anyone else in the same boat?


Its a common routine i think, I had the same problem when i became level 1!

It lasted for a week or so :slight_smile:

Nothing to worry, after that short dry period i had orders coming in plenty :smiley:

Try to find some regular customers, they’ll come in handy during these dry seasons :smiley:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Well situation is still same with me. Its been 12 days after levelling up. But still I dont have any sale. That’s seriously demotivating

Its happen … when i become level 2 it become dry and after few days i started getting lot more order no worry keep working and keep promoting your gig. you will get order.

One more thing check your gig on fiverr . it is visible to search or not if not must contact to support sometime it happen.

Oh same matter with me Got Level 2 with Excellent rating but no queries now:(

And Why its is shown level one on forum when i gained level two

Reply to @mallika255: No I can not see my gig in search

Reply to @deepakkochhar:

Contact Support they will help.

Reply to @mallika255: Yes I have contacted them and they have given me a ticket number. I am upset I am not visible and that’s the reason for drop in Sales. What the hell is the benifit for leveling up then?

Reply to @mallika255: don’t count on that i have 3 tickets with them for over a week -no reply

Reply to @inspiredtony:

I got respond in 24 hour like I am providing services.

I got to level one myself and suddenly lost sales. :frowning: Though I’m not sure what the real cause was for it, I did have to “upgrade” my gigs to get people coming back through.

Originally, I had:

  1. One Hour of Research
  2. Post a Positive Review

    Then I made it:
  3. Two Hours of Research
  4. Post a Verified Positive Review

    Among other small details… Anyway, it definitely helped. Yes, it is a little more work to do, but the pick up in traffic is definitely worth it!

Part of the cycle. You might not even get back on the top of the search results. Tips: Create similar gigs, change your gig title.

The problem is that when you were a new seller you were coming up under the “new sellers” category. But now you are competing with many more people. That’s why you have to change up your gig a little bit. It may have put you ahead of the pack of new sellers but now you are against many other sellers, so it takes much more to stand out from the crowd.

I would suggest you go look at the top rated sellers in your category. Really pay attention to how they write up their gig, what photos and videos they use, what their profile says and get some ideas on how to make your gigs even better.

Reply to @sincere18Thanks alot for your valuable suggestion. I will definitely do that.:

Reply to @biggz27: Thanks alot for your suggestion. I will try that for sure

Reply to @mrspopplewell: All in All Idea is to make changes in the GIG as per Top rated seller are doing in your category