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My sales and Impressions getting down


on a very serious note,from last few days my impressions and sales gradually decreased but during that time i regularly shared my gigs on different platforms and right now i don’t have any sale.i really don’t what’s happening with me.



Same here. Out of 7 or 8 gigs, only my one gig’s impressions are going well.


How long will it take.?


It will depend on your Gig Keywords and even top sellers are placed at the bottom when we search any related topics.


bhai can you please visit one time and tell me the problem if you have time?


I can suggest a quick search on Fiverr Search Box Related to your Gig, And Rearrange the Search Keywords within your Gigs According to this. This Worked for me. I was not getting Orders but after Recorrecting, I have received 12 Order within 3 Days


yes please suggest something .it will be much appreciated.


here is the link


Not provided fix Timeline :slight_smile:


Share your GIG on social media with friends .


share your gig on social media , and online daily 24 hours i think this is the best way


There are lots of posts about this on the forum. @nikspatel71191 has given the link telling you about the changes to the algorithm. There really isn’t anything we can do about the algorithm changes other than be patient.