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My sales are dropping, impression going down

Hello Users! how are you?all of my gigs having no very low sales from past 1 month… please advice



This probably has something to do with the algorithm changes Fiverr have been implementing lately. You are not the only one with this problem.

Many others, even well-established sellers with tonnes of positive reviews, have experienced a drop in sales. I would hope Fiverr will also see a drop in their revenue due to this and that they are working hard to solve the issue.

You can try some general advice to improve your gig:

  • Update your descriptions, offer, and prices
  • Using professional videos on your gigs does help increase conversions and sales
  • Marketing your gig by sharing it in social media

In the meantime, we can just hope that Fiverr is looking into this. Many sellers are experiencing the same problem. If you do a search on the forums for “algorithm” you will find many threads about this issue, which may contain some more useful information.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


@smashradio has given an excellent summed up response @nizngr. Good luck.

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thank you so much awesome!

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I am going on week 2 of low sales. I have had less in almost two weeks than I used to get in a day. Fiverr offered a new pricing system for Voice over, and as soon as I changed all of my prices I lost work. Sigh

Send gig requests.

More gigs you complete, higher you climb up the ‘average rating’ scale.

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Try everything mentioned above and also, be extremely patient. Sometimes we just have to accept we cannot do anything to boost our sales.

Yes, as the infamous Yoda would say, “Much awesome is Fiverr. Much wonderful you will find here.”

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