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My sales are too less now? Are yours


Hi Guys,

I do not know what’s happening to my sales but they are too less now from many days; some of my gigs are even not getting orders. I do not know what’s happening but this is not good for me. Despite advertising, there is not much good luck.


Same here. I even asked customer support about this. They said nothing is wrong. But i;m getting very less orders than usual. My bad. :frowning:


Hi, Newbie here, can you help me to get sales please?:frowning: I’m new here but not new in this job :slight_smile: .Checkout my Gig . Thank You. God Bless friend

I will create Web BANNER, Header, Facebook timeline or Twitter cover for $5


the problem is fiverr 3.0!! The new system rank is not working properly, take a loomk how gigs with 1 review are listed before gigs with 1000 reviews…