My sales became zero


Hi fiverr member. My sales became zero after two negative feedback. How can i resolve this problem & get sales? Please help


Hi kzrazib,
Don’t worry about that. You will do better in future.

You may follow these things to get new order:

  1. Do some marketing of your gig.(Share on Fiverr forum and social media)
  2. Use Buyer Request option to send an offer.

Hopefully, It will help.

Thank you


what is the reason :disappointed_relieved: of this !!


Unfortunately you cant remove these feedback from your account, Either you should apply buyer request daily and advertise your gig on social media.


Hi batchnintyfive

Thanks for your advice. Is it wise full to deactivate my current account & create a new one??
how can i share my gig on fiverr forum. i am armature on fiverr .



I got two negative feedback on my wall out of seven.



Two negative rating out of 7 is really a bad score. I just check reviews from your client. You need to improve your skill first otherwise no hope for success. :frowning:


I don’t think deleting your account and opening another one is dealing with the issue. You need to know what you are doing first. Look on Buyers Requests, send 10 offers per day and see where this can take you. Make sure the next pieces of work you do on Fiverr are superb. You can build your reputation from there.


Hi homeestates
Thanks for your advice & suggestion. I will do as per your instruction. Think this will help me increase sales. You may visit my url to check my status. I will be glade to you if you give me few another tips to increase my sale.


Hi wp_kid

thanks for the advice. Would you please help me to increase my skill.



Provide services you are capable of delivering! I have done lots of different jobs in different categories, no one ever thought to give me a negative review. Why? You know the answer already! Making money is not that easy, sharpen your skills and try f**** hard. Everything will be on position. No one is special. Only the special ones work hard. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think you can post replies to their comments, so an explanation or apology or rebuke might help people who read the reviews to understand the context.


You’re calling yourself “Digital Marketing Expert” yet you’re having trouble selling your own gig. You got bad reviews because your service is not good enough.

Creating a new account won’t make you a digital marketing expert overnight. Invest your time and money in some courses and improve your skills. Then come back and restart.