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My sales dropped to zero per day from 3-4 per day since new fiverr is intorduced

I was getting about 3-4 sales per day. Sometimes 6-7 also. But from the last 3-4 days, I haven’t got any order placed.

Is this because of new fiverr?

One of my regular buyer told me that he was not able to reach me through keywords.

What should i do now? is this also happening with anyone else here ?

Now it’s Recession time…I hope we all come back to our healthy business Time AGAIN…

Yep, a simple keyword search for my exact 3 word title “epic voice over” gives no results. It’s great they improved the site, but the search function is a critical part of the site. If it was a fair marketplace… watch out.

Me too my sales went down, my keyword “for virtual assistant” and some of my gigs are not on the best match or not showing in the search result… :frowning:

Me too, my sales also dropped…

#newfiverr came bad for good sellers!

Hope fiverr can fix these issues as the old one is very okay on my opinion.

same with me.

earlier in old fiverr, one can simply search you by eantering your username in search box. But now it shows no results found when someone enters a username.

moreover, when someone enters a keyword related to our gig then those gigs which are having no meaning, no sales no ratings are also showed before some TRS and level 2 sellers.

seems like search function is going to be fixed soon!

I hope it does!

It’s happening to me as well and few of my friends too. Hope fiverr will look into this.

Buyers used to pick high rated sellers by opening gigs and it was easy to identify ratings,feedbacks and overall repute of a seller. It’s kind of difficult now or i might feel it due to reinvention.

Launching a new version is appreciated…I lke the interface and the new features like Sales Analytics etc

all the bugs will be fixed I think as soon as possible… :slight_smile:

I have a sales drop also. The new fiverr looks wonderful, but i believe there is an issue with search function.

Since its so new, some things might not work as we imagine...<br /> Everything will be fine in the near future, im sure of this :slight_smile:

Same here, huge drop in sales (0-1/day).

Looking forward to having this problem fixed!

The problem is that the gigs are not rotating at all in ‘‘auto’’ mode! I can always see the same gigs. So, only a handful of sellers will benefit from this issue.

I said this many times before V2 was launched until yesterday, but people were concerned about other issues (in my opinion less important than this). Now everybody is facing this issue as I predicted.

I asked Kevin from the Fiverr team, but this was his reply:

kevinwil said: The Fiverr search is something that we have and continue to tweak in order to improve it. Like all of you, we know that a powerful search tool is essential to help sellers get more sales and buyers find the services they are looking for.

I hope they are working to make it better, but in my opinion they shouldn't have launched V2 with such a big bug.

Here’s a GOOD NEWS guys, telling from my experience since when i got access to new fiverr my sales were dropped to BIG ZERO compared to 3 to 4 order each day. And I had ZERO sales till five days but now things are getting normal and I have started getting my sales back as expected. So, keep little patience the server and the new code will take a while to cache all the data for better. :slight_smile:

Every seller get bad luck with new fiverr, Im sure not only sellers loose money, fiverr loose money too, so im sure they will fix it coz they are interesting in that like we are.

Reply to @bachas85: I’m really not happy with that. It’s a bit on the restrictive side and not exactly seller friendly considering it was not like we had unlimited keywords before.

Me too but I thing We Need wait for result

this is happening to me too… !! Guess I’m not alone

Reply to @bachas85: yup

that good old saying" the good shall suffer for the bad" What a mess.

I am not impressed with the new Fiverr. I get most of my sales from messaging users in the requested section. I have gotten at least 5-6 repeat customers this way. Now that the new Fiverr has restricted this, it is useless to me. My “random” sales have also gone down since the implementation. I have switched back to the older Fiverr for now so I can still message requesting buyers since this is the bread and butter of my gigs. I can only hope they either fixed this issue or let me stay on the old version.