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My Sales drops on weekends, is it Normal?

My Sales drops on weekends, is it happening to every one?

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Perhaps your sales drop on the weekends, because your customer base doesn’t work on weekends. :wink:


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Mine drops down too on weekends starting on Friday nights, always at the exact same time. It’s some kind of thing fiverr does in my opinion. A few years ago the weekends were the best times so there is some sort of shut down fiverr does on Friday nights. Once or twice in the past couple of years they forgot to shut it down on weekends and it was amazing. I know fiverr precisely controls our sales to a remarkable degree.

When I first started they would turn it on full blast on weekends when I requested it.

I have wondered about the reasons and all I can come up with is that the customer service department is at half staff on weekends, but that sounds far fetched. There is some reason for it though.


Yea same. Seems like they want to rest on weekends!
When I deliver orders on Friday, usually they marked as complete automatically as buyers dont check their email on weekends and maybe too busy on Friday :confused:

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Mine too, just on the weekend, even though I delivered an order on Friday morning. Never look into that, it’s just normal. It will go up again automatically. Be cool!

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Mine is worse i don’t get orders in the last 15 days. :slight_smile:

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@misscrystal Wao, we both are on the same page, i also Get minimum Order after Friday till sunday.Thanks for this Awesome Explanation.

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No it is not depends on your Clients from where they are!