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My sales have been dead


Why are my sales now dead? My gig was doing $800 a month and now is doing just $80 a month!

I have sold over 1.5k gig sales and I am at 100% rating with top seller badge. I used to be a featured seller and now that box is gone.

Not sure what is going on, but hope to get back to my avg sales of $800 a month soon.

We offer radio advertising, create radio commercials ect…

Anyone else getting dead sales with the new fiverr?



Yeah! Most people are complaining about fewer sales. :frowning:

This thread is loaded with it!


One can simply go to the Forum’s Top Posts page, order descending by “Replies”, and bam: the answer to all these duplicate questions is right there on the first position.

And I just noticed that there was a previous topic on this matter with 300 replies that was closed. Can you imagine? This subject has at least 600 total topics!


Welcome to the club.