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My sales have been through the roof these days. Something SURPRISING!

I honestly did not know that many of you were doing so badly and I feel bad for you but I am truly surprised and THANKFUL.

My sales have been affected by the Coronavirus, but otherwise! I have received more orders than ever in my entire stay here at Fiverr. I usually get 1 order every 1-2 months even though I am a level 1 and it was very frustrating. But now I always keep myself busy and when I finish orders new customers write to me, I have never felt what it is like to have several orders in a queue and I am surprised by all the work I am having.

All my new orders are helping me significantly to be promoted to level 2 in the next few months, when I thought I would get to be level 2 in 1-2 years.

I thought all of you would be doing well too, I thought something that was logical at the time, since no one can get out, it’s better to hire freelancers these days. No salary, no physical contact, no barriers = same (or better) result.

I was doing too badly in my Gigs, but this situation has improved everything and I know it was thanks to GOD and I think He is the reason for everything! :pray:

I hope that many of you will see a way out soon and can revolutionize your business, gain recognition, have more orders and success and that this story will serve to somehow awaken that faith and hope that everything will be alright. How I wish we were all doing well :cry: it’s amazing to work here with a lot of free time!


Sales will surely spring up like it used to be, stay patient and focus on improving your skills.

Over the pandemic, i haven’t received any order from fiverr inorder to stay busy i offered free wordpress support services to my clients.