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My sales have suddenly dropped?


Hi guys.

I am kind of new here on Fiverr and I love it!I have been here for one month and I got over 50 orders, which is amazing for me. I didnt really expect that to happen at all.

However, suddenly my sales have dropped. I just became a level one seller and now suddenly i dont get any orders? I used to get 2-3 orders per day and a couple messages, now I get absolutely nothing. Why is this happening? Is this happening to someone else?
I really would appreciate it if you could quickly check out my gig and see if you feel like there is something that i should change. Thank you guys!


Hi there!

Your gig looks fine - you’ve got it really nicely laid out!

It’s swings and roundabouts here - busy one minute, dead quiet the next.

Don’t worry about it - just use any free time you’ve got to get yourself ready for the next batch of orders, because they will come.


lets hope so. Thank you so much for your quick answer! I really appriciate it!


That’s very par for the course on Fiverr. When you launch a new gig, Fiverr will promote it in hopes that you receive orders and decide to stick around. After awhile, you’ll notice that you may receive less impressions, views, orders, etc. It’s Fiverr’s hope that you’ll promote your gigs yourself, via social media and other means. That being said, it really does ebb and flow around here. Some months are like gangbusters, while others are very dry.


Hi! Thanks so much for the answer! Never realised the forum was so helpful! However, here is the strange thing. If i search for my gig, it appears really high sometimes second, sometimes third. My ranking is not lower than before. My gig is still visible, however the orders have just stopped rolling in. Again, appreciate the answer.
If you have the time, I would really appreciate if you could have a quick look at my gig and see if there is anything that you would change.


Dear Mehdi:

Fiverrcast has an episode in which they discuss your issue in detail. I suggest you begin keeping records, so that over time you will be able to determine which weeks and months are your peaks and valleys. The transcripts recently disappeared, so you may have to listen to the episode.

See this thread if you have questions for the Fiverrcast team:
Fiverrcast Questions.

You should be aware that Google is in the process of upgrading Translate, so you may be facing new competition with each improvement they make.

I took a quick look at your profile:

Your profile image: I suggest a color image of you smiling.
Your log line: No suggestions.
Your profile text: No suggestions.

All your gigs should have video, 3 images (I suggest personal to you, rather than the stock images you have), 2 pdfs (for translation samples), and so on…

I have a bias against whiteboard videos (I don’t appear in mine because I’m THAT ugly). Make a video of yourself talking to the camera, because this approach garners IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Include additional samples in the video!

Promising to reply within 60 seconds has no value that I can ascertain. I suggest you scratch that claim. It might even turn people off, because it could be suggestive of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or bipolar disorder. You must be frustrated by Buyers who don’t respond to you for hours or days at a time…

I don’t see why you make translating from Swedish to English such a big deal. I suggest you simply create another gig for that, to increase your exposure on Fiverr.

I also don’t see why eschewing automatic translation tools is an issue for you. It’s like a writer saying, “I won’t use a computer to type your documents, not even an electric typewriter, just this old manual dingus from 100 years ago.” I doubt there are any Buyers who care whether you use translation tools. They just want the job done right and without errors.

The FAQ, “What is required of you?” should probably be “What is required of me?”.

Instead of (or in addition to) the Samples FAQ, make use of your 2 @3-page pdfs to provide samples of your work.

The refund FAQ sounds like a humble brag to me. I suggest rewording it to be more Buyer friendly. Trust me on this – my modesty is my best quality, and all my Buyers love me for it!

Your ordering process FAQ may be off-putting. See previous response about making it more Buyer friendly. There’s more to the order process than you indicate here. You’re lucky that your Buyers are probably smarter than the average bear, but you may also need to point some to the Fiverr Support page and the Fiverr Terms of Service.

Bottom line: your gigs are fine, I’m insanely jealous of your success, and you are probably experiencing a seasonal fluctuation. One can only hypothesize about the causes, such as end of the month / start of the new month, business reasons, maybe there was a big Swiss cheese convention that’s now over, who knows?

Good luck,

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As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

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P.S. It’s now been 2 minutes since I posted this message to you on the Fiverr Forum, yet I’ve received no response… final tally: 7 minutes to response! What’s my prize?


Thank you so much Blaise! Amazing tips that I will take into consideration. Thank you so much.

Edit: It took me a while to read your message​:sunglasses: Soo much information to absorb :wink: However, I would be interested in your “checklist gig”, if you still have some tips for me on how to improve :slightly_smiling_face:


One month and over 50 orders is quite impressive, I think you are doing everything right. It’s just normal for sales to drop at Fiverr ( or ANY business), sometimes you get flooded with orders, and every now and then you get the dry-up period. It’s just the way things are, there are some thing you can do, but in other cases, I guess you just need to tell yourself “Meh, it happens.”

Believe me, if you are good at what you do ( and judging from how you are doing so far, you are good at what you do!) , you’ll get your next flood of orders…and your next post could be something like
"HELP! I’m getting way too many orders, how do you guys manage your time/schedule!!?"


Thank you for your answer! I will use this free time to prepare for the next batch of orders. Thanks.


After I updated my gigs my sales have been slow, bummed out.


I remember it being like this for me at the start too. I found that a lot of the problem was me. When I got busy I stopped responding to Buyer requests or promoting myself. This made me have times where I was really busy and then nothing for days. I wrote a post about it here.


I will check out your gigs and see if there is anything you possibly could change☺


Absolutely amazing post. Thank you for the really useful info and tips. Just like you, monday and tuesdays were my busy days. Always a lot of people contacting me and many orders. However recently, no one even contacted me for a whole week! I used to get atleast 10 messages a week, but now, absolutely nothing. I tried updating my gigs and so on, but nothing seems to work. Really don’t know what is going on here. All of the previous answers stated that this was just a temporary thing and sales can be dry one week, and the next week you get more orders than ever. However I had never experienced a day without someone contacting me and suddenly, no one has contacted me for a week, I feel like something weird is going on here.


Just checked your profile. I’d suggest adding a few other related gigs. Proofreading Swedish, translating to and from Finnish if you can, not huge demand for it but extremely well paid when you get it.
It should at least give you some more buyer requests to respond to too. I have a couple of different gigs and I can get nothing from 1 for a week but be busy with the others and then it can suddenly change. By adding a few more it might help you with the slow periods too.


Great tip. Definitely something I am going to consider, thanks. Some people have given me the advice to really concentrate on one gig, while others tell me to create as many gigs as possible.
I think its time to move on and create a couple more gigs. Thanks for your answer.


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