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My sample audio

Hi! I am new here and I need advice! Someone messaged me and said they were planning to use my sample audio on my acct. to put on their website. Can they do that without paying me? That’s what they wanted to know. HELP???

Thanks P.R. Banks

I would contact Customer Support.

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It’s pretty common for clients to ask for a sample or a demo. This is were you have to make a decision if you will provide one free of charge. You can also offer them a paid custom sample.
I would be cautious and ask more questions. What is their site or business all about? Is it a re-seller? Or maybe just a video production company? You can always discuss the details with the client and make a decision based on that.


I have an mp3 version of my demo which I send to anyone who asks. Many of my buyers resell my services, and don’t want their clients to know thet they get me from fiverr. Probably afraid the client woiuld cut out the middle man and come direct. I understand, and because I know everyone needs to make a buck, I willingly send my demo to anyone who asks. Don’t believe me? Inbox me and I’ll send you the exact thing (I save as a quick response) that I send everyone. I include a link to videos that I’ve found on the web that use my voice. Share, and we all get rich!!