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My second order Experience this was too bad

My First experience my bad and again My second order experience this was too bad :joy:
A buyer Let me draw Rabbit sketch Based on Realistic :sunglasses: Ok I was happy.
Because this is my second order :sunglasses: This was very simple work. :roll_eyes: He give me 24 hour time. :thinking: ok itโ€™s ok and i done draw rabbit sketch in 20 hour. Because There was more work in my hand held office. I showed him rabbit sketch :blush: she sent me a message. Iโ€™m sorry thatโ€™s not really what Iโ€™m looking for. Iโ€™m looking for a front facing pose like this one I basically want this drawing. she sent me photo front pose :frowning: And i was draw site pose. :frowning: :smile: :smile: I was Talk to him. ok i draw pose pose sketch. She said ok fast. But i said Please give me time:) she said ok done i give you time. But 10 mint after I get the message She said Sorry I have cancel this order. :frowning:

Because My second order experience was very bad.
Itโ€™s ok iโ€™m fine, iโ€™ll try again and again again again till when, till when I get success on fiverr. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


Sorry, but drawing a sketch of one rabbit in 20 hours is too much). During this time, you can draw 20 rabbits.

After 3 years I think he is done with rabbits all together.

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