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My second order in Fiverr

Hello, Every one how are? you i am very excited to day because of i have delivery my second fiverr work it was a $5 USD
please tell me how to get i more work on fiverr because i love work and i want build up my career on fiver.

Thank And Regard


Congratulations… :sunny:
First things first! According to your name, I think you are a male species, using a female profile picture.
If you are a man, be like a man! Stop doing lame stuff! :wink:


Thank For Your Advertising actually this profile photo is not my photo. OK i will change the photo

In what way was @n4y33m 's post “Your Advertising”? I don’t see the connection.

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I have read few discussions on Facebook, some sellers believe they get more orders by using female account and DP. :wink:

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Whether you think that being dishonest with buyers will get you more orders or not it isn’t the right way to go. Honesty is the cornerstone of all business, yes - even online business!

I went live on Honesty. so i change my profile photo and that is my photo

Thank And Gerard

That’s y I used the word “lame” :roll_eyes: