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My Second Order

Hi everyone! I have received my second order on Fiverr. It has been delivered to the buyer. However, he is neither responding nor giving me any feedback.

Also, the buyer never cooperated when the order was being processed. I sent him a copy to check and let me know if I was on the right track.

Finally, I had no option but delivered the order to meet the proposed deadline. Let’s hope he gets back so that I know about my performance.


While I know your early orders are really important as far as feedback and getting a review to know you did well, do NOT message this buyer at all. You delivered the order, they have it and if they need a revision, or have a comment they will reach out to you. Same with a review - buyers are prompted a few times to review their order, they do not need the seller also sending messages asking for a review and if you were to do this, it could get your account a warning.



Thank you for guiding me. I won’t prompt the buyer to provide the feedback.

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You are worrying about things that are out of your control. Some buyers don’t want to be messaged once they’ve placed an order. They’ve given you an order (and hopefully clear instructions) and it is your job to get on and complete the work.

Likewise a buyer is under no obligation to ‘accept the order’ (although I think it is rude not to, and remember that orders auto complete after three days), and a buyer does not have to provide feedback (indeed asking for feedback can result in your account receiving a warning).

I’m not saying you’ve done anything wrong, and based on what you’ve said I think your buyer could have communicated better, but you’ll just have to see what happens. For info, about a quarter of my orders auto complete without the buyer accepting the order. Some of these buyers will leave feedback and some won’t. It’s just life on Fiverr.

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Thank you for guiding me. It’s beneficial indeed. I am new on Fiverr, and it will take some time to understand how things work here. Have a nice day :slight_smile: