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My Secret

It’s Fiverr…I haven’t told anyone in India about it…people (relatives/neighbors/outsiders) think I spend all my time watching TV or videos on the internet…and when someone asks about my profession and I say I am a “writer” …they look at me as if I just said “drug addict”…it makes me laugh really…

…lesson for Indian freelancers…“people” will always assume the worst of you. Stop caring about “what will people think/say about me”, and just do what makes you happy. That’s the only way you will ever be free. Don’t worry about making money, focus on being busy…do good, honest work. The money will take care of itself. And when it does, don’t tell anyone about how much you make…because you will only create unnecessary pressure for yourself and suddenly making money will become a priority. Do I make sense? :slight_smile: Let the world think you are a loser, but you know what you are, and that’s the only thing that matters :slight_smile: All the best!

Many people can never understand being self employed on the internet. Some with narrow minds do assume the worst of anyone who doesn’t fit into the mold or is outside of what they are familiar with.

Spread the good word of fiverr to your relatives and Indian people. Even if someone can thing of a writer being a “drug addict, i can understand them. Its because they don’t know, and they have never heard of such(working online…Let this not be your secret. You cant lit a lamp and cover it. Lit a lamp for everyone to see.

I find that I arouse suspicion on a par with being a terrorist or serial killer because I don’t have a day job. The island where I live is 9 miles by 5 miles and everyone makes a point of knowing everybody else’s business. In this case, people go out of their way to ask me where I work and what I do. The only problem is that I catch the same, “yes, but what does he do really???” In the eyes of anyone I ever tell.

It’s part of why I want to leave actually. I was wearing a black hoody with a white zipper the other day having a beer with a friend and I heard someone behind me whisper that I might be ■■■■. It was said in a joking way (I hope) but I do get tired of the Spanish inquisition every other day.

Welcome to the underground society, where no one can divulge what they really do. It’s huge. We must stick together.

I’m pretty sure some of my neighbours think I don’t do anything besides roaming in underwear xD

We are a weird country in a lot of ways…I had more respect when I was a low level employee of IBM than I do now, even though I make 6-7 times as much. Guess it’s in our DNA, there’s no concept of self-employment in our country.

That’s why I have basically given up talking to people in India, because the first thing they want to know is what I do (writer is not a good answer) and second whether I am married (no is not a good answer when you are in your 30s). LOL.

Yes I have experienced a surprisingly narrow mindset among some Indians I know. I have also read some horrific stories of what has happened to women who are out at night going to a movie or similar innocent things.

I’ve noticed that here in Pakistan too, I guess desi people generally are like that. Ohh and that income/pressure thing makes perfect sense to me, having experienced it myself… I couldn’t agree more. Being an underdog does feel pretty great man :smiley:
People tend to underestimate/ridicule you so much, and you know you have an edge over them but you let them stay happy in that little bubble of theirs.
“Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.”

Well said!

You are making sense Bro…

You nailed it straight to the point dear mate. Damn you nailed it.

I agree with you cent percent and also take your words as consideration. And I must say that I am heavily surprised to see number of jobs in queue on your SEO article gig (46), I mean you must be working damn hard. And so you totally deserve this ‘freedom’ you’re talking about.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Wow you are busy! You are obviously a fantastic writer.

That’s the whole point for me…to remain busy.

very well said… i work as a voice talent and imagine how people(my friends n neighbours) react when i say i do Voice Overs… they feel i just shout, sing and say a few words on the microphone… and they think its damm easy :slight_smile: and coming to Fiverr… When i work delivering the orders and tell people iam busy in the studio they think i do time pass and they assume that iam a Net Savvy guy who’s always on FB and Browsing …

I heard from someone that my relatives are badmouthing me - “he writes articles for a couple of dollars” etc. LOL. I don’t tell them how much I make, (only my accountant knows that) but what’s their problem? I provide for myself and have never asked for their help or even for a single rupee. Still they see it fit to criticise me or mock me, for earning an honest living. I’m so fed up of the people of our country to be honest.

Yes I don’t understand either why they would do this, be so eager to look down on others with no understanding. I have noticed this in my Indian friend who is very intelligent and I like very much.

Two words - crab mentality.