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My Security question answer not working.Its saying "Your answer is incorrect. Please try again"

I create my account 3 years ago…

And now i want to change my phone number.

But when i give the answer of my security question,

it’s saying “Your answer is incorrect. Please try again”

But i never change my answers.

What should i do now?

And what things i need to contact support like my id or something?

If you contact Customer Support (you can ask what can be done)

But from history they cannot help you with your question and answer. Due to security reasons and whatnot.

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Recently i install fiverr app on my mobile.And when i open it,I got a message.In that message it says i need to verify my mobile number by fiverr website within 30 days.But when i go to my account to verify.It show me that my security questions answer is incorrect.Now how can i solve this problem??

Did you contact Fiverr’s Customer Support about it (eg. using the link at the bottom of a main page on Fiverr) like suggested above?

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did you fiverr contact support?

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