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My sell goes down significantly

I had a great year 2015 having lots of buyer and sell as well. You can check my profile and rating its full of 5 star. By suddenly its start low at early 2016 then late 2016 its stop fully . i try to tweak my profile and packages and all . But it did not helps much.Can you guys suggests what should i do now ? does you face smiler situation ?

profile :


You don’t seem to have any gigs in display on your profile. Have you checked that it’s maybe paused by accident?

Check the status of your gigs.

you were right all are in pause . can you check and let me know if its active or not ?

Yes, 4 gigs are active now.

thanks but those are online last month i checked but still i lost sell. almost 0.

If you aren’t even aware if your gigs are paused or not you should pay more attention to them.

Coming to the forum to ask for help because you aren’t getting sales, then finding out your gigs are paused from someone else, does not show a level of being involved in them at all.

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@misscrystal thanks for your reply. but i mention i was regular at 2015 then i start losing client when i was super active on per i remember back then there no gig pause . also i check last week all was ok . anyway you guys are really helpful as well .