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My Seller account is blocked only because I am Iranian

Fiverr did close my seller account only because I am Iranian although I am not living in Iran anyore.

I did Notting just serve my clients in the best way.
I do not deserve that. It is not fair. I worked hard in fiverr to keep my clients always satisfied.


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Hello, how are you? Thanks for your reply. It feels so disappointing to be blocked only because of nationality although I left Iran 10 years ago.

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Really sucks to see the good lumped in with the bad. I can’t do anything except send my sympathy. I’m commenting in hopes that it will increase the engagement of this post and maybe support/higher ups will think of a better system.


Thanks for your kind words. Always glad to have support of friends.

They can’t, not if the OP is an Iranian citizen. If the political situation changes, so will the system, but Fiverr has to stick to certain regulations if they don’t want to get shut down.

@samaldin, I see that you do have an active account. Did you get the permission from Customer Support to open it? If not, your new account could get banned, too.


It really saddens me that even Iranian people who are residents of another countries are also affected by these stupid political games.

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This might be helpful


That’s interesting. I have been living and working in Thailand for almost 10 years. I have informed the Fiverr support that I left Iran 10 years ago and they still insist on shutting down my account.

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It’s to do with citizenship and not just location I believe. Re Thailand, if you’ve been there 10 years you satisfy the 5 year residency requirement for citizenship, but have to give up your previous citizenship amongst other requirements. Understandably not an easy choice or position you’re in. Sorry to hear this.


That is correct. A citizen of another country who is currently in Iran would still be allowed to sell on Fiverr.

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Thanks William for your kind words. Unfortunately all the sanctions only affect people and not the high rank officials of the government.

It is so stupid that I must get banned from working online to make a living and Iranian officials and their family can freely travel to west and Europe and even live there.

So it is