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My seller account just got permanently disabled

I just received a few emails that my Gigs have been removed and my account is permanently disabled but I have no clue why. It just says: “Your profile was flagged for violations of either intellectual Property or a third party’s Terms of Service. Please be aware that offering these services is a violation of our Terms of Service. As a result your Fiverr account was permanently disabled.”

I just don’t understand what happened and what I did wrong. Who is this third party and what could I have possibly done to violate their terms of service?

What can I do to recover my account or is it gone forever? I was a level 1 seller with almost 50 reviews and a 5 star rating and Fiverr was my main source of income so this really sucks.

  • Users with disabled accounts will not be able to sell or buy on Fiverr.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum so we cannot help you with this.

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Did you use someone else’s work or any other template based design (eg- freepik) in your gig images?

What type of services were you offering?

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You haven’t provided any clues about the services you offered, so it’s difficult to give any specific assistance.

But the intellectual property breach could be for something like using a McDonalds logo as part of a portfolio for logo design, or using a non-original image you’ve taken from Google, or offering to draw fan art of characters from the Marvel films.

The third party terms of service breach could be for something like offering to share your family Spotify subscription for profit (yes, we have seen this as a gig!), or offering a gig promising to message 5,000 Twitter accounts for example.

You can’t recover your account. It’s gone. And Fiverr don’t allow you to create another account. If you try and you’re detected, you will deleted again, and again, and again…


I checked out a cashed copy of your gig and you were selling game currency. I checked out rules of this game and it is not allowed.
Mystery solved.

It is unlikely you can get your account back.


Imagine thinking Fiverr should let you help people cheat at games. Ugh.


Thank you for your reply, this was really helpful.

may be you provided some services that’s now allow on fiverr, may be you offering YouTube related services

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