My seller batch wont updated



i have an problem with my fiverr account and my seller level is new seller and i have complete 10 orders but my seller level wont updated.
please help me and give solution for my problem…



You have to do more than complete 10 orders to get a new level badge (not batch.) See the page for the whole list.


Do you completed 30 days as a seller?

I mean when you create your account?


yes today is my 30 day on fiveer
and i have complete 10 orders in 29 days


Wait until tomorrow and hope you will got level one.


but i have canceled 1 order for some reason


As I guess your order competition rate is 90%.

You should complete at least one more order to get the level one badge.


my order competition rate is 91%


Than Just wait for one more day and will be level one seller.


thanks for further informations


i was completed my last order at 24 hours ago



I don\t know about that :thinking: