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My seller didn\'t give me a source file


i bought a gig but didn’t receive source file from the seller. He claim it is suppose to go into a section in fiver for source file but i dont have any link to it. Is he telling the truth? my gig got auto completed as i did not know about the 72 hour rule for modification. Can anyone advice ?


If the seller is offering a source file with your purchase he needs to give you a source file. Contact customer support and let them know what happened. Or feel free to communicate with the seller and ask him for the file. Tell him if he is unable to deliver what was promised you would like to request a cancellation. Did you check the delivery again if he attached a file?


I think you are new here,check the delivery again


Go to notification section and also ask your seller that seller will send the source file on your inbox again . Just ask


If you ordered simple besic order and you did not order source file, you have to purchase extra service related to source file delivery. But if seller says that he/ she already delivered source file please check your delivery page and you also can demand him to send file right in your inbox. So will be easy to find and download.


Hello, contact the seller and ask for the source file, but I will like to know, did you tell him/her about the source file before. If so, you are entitle to get the file but if not, try to add few extras for him/her and get your source file if you really need it.


You need to send a message to support to cancel the order. Sounds like the seller is playing games.

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I would advise you to talk with the seller and see if they can send you a screen shot of where to find it, or perhaps send the file in a DropBox link. I have seen a couple of other posts about source file issues recently and I’m not sure, but it may be an actual glitch. I wouldn’t jump to assumptions that the seller is trying to cause you problems unless you are sure.

If you haven’t been able to get the file yet and the seller is still having trouble (and you haven’t cancelled yet) just contact Customer Support and explain to see if they can help. If there is a glitch they might be able to retrieve the file for you.


sending files Via drop box or any other source outside of fiverr ? isn’t that against fiverr Terms ?


hi, I am new in fiverr, i want to know what is source file?


No it is not. I do video work and they are sometimes multi-gigabyte projects that don’t fit in fiverr upload. Dropbox is fine, just don’t message or ask for funds outside of fiverr.


No. You can send a link to a buyer or seller for downloading files in Drop Box. As @orcatek says, it’s only a problem if you use it to violate the ToS. (You can’t put drop box links in your gigs or profile, just messages.)


A source file can include a lot of different file types. For example, if you get a logo done, the project will be delivered as a PNG and maybe as a JPEG file as well. The source file would be the .AI or .PSD file that’s completely editable so you can make changes in the future.


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Do not worry about it. you can click the request modification button on our order page. in that case your order is not complete in 72 hours. if your seller offered you source file include the basic gig then you can contact the customer support. they will surely help you.
Good Day !!


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You can upload attachments, but you’re not allowed to name and shame. Customer Support is the place to go for providing that evidence, as none of us will be able to help you.


Again, none of us can help you. All of us are buyers and sellers like yourself. Go to customer support and upload the screenshot there in a complaint.


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I understand that, but I’m mainly saying this because it’s actually straight-up not allowed on the forum. Your screenshot will likely be removed soon because if the forum allowed naming and shaming it would turn into a downright cesspool.

You’re free to post complaints elsewhere, though.