My seller has said he cannot work due to an injury but I have seen a 'Recent Delivery'`


Hi everyone

I have paid a good amount of money for an illustrator to illustrate my children’s book. He initially told me all would be done in 2 weeks, well this was nearly 2 months ago now.

But he was doing a good job so I ignored the late timing.

However, recently he has told me he has broken his hand and cannot do anymore work for a few weeks. Yet again, I understood and accepted his dilemma.

Yesterday I logged on and saw that he had completed a ‘Recent delivery’ within the last 12 hours for another client.

So has he been lying to me? I have emailed him but he hasn’t got back.

I have been so patient because I like his work but I feel he maybe taking advantage of me now.

Any ideas?



To make up for lost Revenue he very well could have had some illustrations already made that he sold to that person not saying anything just saying food for thought


If you don’t mind me asking what’s the book about


Talk to him, send him a message, if you are not satisfied, cancel the order. You will be given a full refund.


It is a young children’s book about a cat and what he gets up to in the day!

That\s if the illustrations ever get done : (


If he hadn’t produced 4 illustrations [out of 15!] and done such a good job i would have cancelled months ago.

BUT i love what he has done and once he gets them right the illustrations are great!

I have therefore been so patient with him…

Maybe he is telling the truth with his injury [he did send me a photo of himself in a cast!] but this ‘Recent delivery’ to another client has got me perplexed as to what is going on.

Thanks for all your advice…


Maybe what he is saying is true, since you say he has already done 4 great illustrations. Use your best judgment.


Recent Delivery could have been a re-delivery, or some minor changes.


Maybe the seller got injured after delivering.


I would try to get a refund and tell him to let you know when he is able to work again.


If the seller isn’t giving you any encouragement, then unfortunately you should probably cancel your order and find another seller. If the seller wanted the work and sees you are willing to wait for the work, then they’d be happy to deal with you, I would have thought, so for some reason the seller may not want to finish the work.

In terms of delivering while injured, then there are legitimate ways he could do that. It’s difficult to say for sure. Maybe he just can’t handle a project as big as yours with his injury.


It sounds like he doesn’t want to do it any more, maybe due to not feeling like he is getting enough money for it.


Maybe. There could be all sorts of reasons. I wouldn’t like to presume.


May be, the recent delivery is the work that he has done days before his injury…


Btw how many illustrations were they in total? 2 months of waiting is just another level of patience. I can hardly wait a day for anything to get done let alone a two whole months. I do all my drawings within an hour but then again they aren’t the best. I was considering posting a drawing gig then I thought, what if I accidentally sat on my hand and broke it or worse broke my pinky nail, that would be the end of my drawing.