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My seller is late, and not responding. What do I do?

I hired this dude to subtitle and edit 30 min of footage, I originally bought just editing and then realized I wanted the subtitle so they added it in as a bonus. They had 3 weeks to edit it. For some reason, he gave himself another 2 weeks just for the subtitling. (The video is 5-10 min) (So he has a total of 5 weeks to edit 30 min) The whole time I waited, getting updates about once a week. All of the updates and clips he shared look amazing. Finally the day the video was due he said he thought it was due the next day. Because he had school (dif timezones) I gave him one more day saying he has to get it done. He says that he could very easily get it done. Then the next day arrives, no messages the whole day. I message him 2 hours before the thing is due, then 1 hour, then 30 min, that 10 min. No reply. It’s been 2 days since it was due (one day late bc I gave him an extra day) and he still hasn’t replied. I don’t want to cancel, but I don’t know what to do.


I messaged him with " If I don’t get a response before tmr I am gonna cancel the order. I don’t want to do that bc then you wasted your time that you spent editing and I waste a month of waiting. And you get a bad mark on ur fiverr, I rly don’t want that bc what I have seen so far looks rly good. I am rly not trying to be the mean Karen customer. But you had a month to edit 30 min of footage. Then when you didn’t have enough time I even gave you an extra day. Now it’s a whole day late and you still haven’t responded "

He replies in under 5 min. bruh. He says " Hey, sorry I couldn’t respond yesterday, if possible I’ll give you $5 back if I can finish it soon "

I finally replied with:

  1. Don’t try to give back the $. Fiverr doesn’t let you.
  2. If it’s not submitted in 12 hours I am cancelling it
  3. I will not be tipping the 1$
  4. I might still rate it good if the video is good
  5. I’m a little pissed that you only replied once I said I would cancel
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I’m sorry to hear you had that experience. Sometimes as sellers we can get overwhelmed but its seems like this guy made no serious attempt to complete the order or rectify the issue. Personally I would just contact customer support in this situation.


Wait, was your order for a grand total of five bucks? Also, I don’t know of any way that a seller can REDUCE the price of an already placed order. Orders can become more expensive if the seller offers a gig extra and it is agreed upon by the buyer, but becoming cheaper? I don’t think so.

I don’t even think a one dollar tip is possible. I think the minimum is $5. Regardless, a $1 would probably seem insulting to quite a number of sellers. If you gave a waiter a $1 tip, you’d better not return to that restaurant or else the servers will try to stay away from you like you have the plague, or really ticked off servers might do something to your culinary experience that you probably wouldn’t like…

The whole thing was 10$ (5$ originally, but then I bought a bonus for script), pretty sure 1$ tips are possible but it wasnt rly a tip, I originally was gonna give them a script for subtitles but only got halfway done, so i asked if I can tip 1$ for them to also finish the script, (its rly basic, EX: place 4 wood logs in a pillar)

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You had a contract. They broke the contract. You are completely in the right to cancel. It doesn’t matter how skilled someone is at a task, if they don’t have time-management, customer-service, and self-motivation skills needed to offer that talent as a service.