My seller is now asking for my info?


The seller is saying he is having “problems” uploading the items I requested. He is now asking for my email, which is against the terms of service for me to provide. How do I resolve this and get my products??



Depends on what “having problems” means.

  1. A Fiverr glitch? Seller needs to contact Support.

  2. The file is too big? Seller needs to use a File Transfer service.

  3. His computer is the problem? Seller needs to fix it.

  4. Something else? Seller needs to fix it.


Every once and a while attachments that I send or receive do not open properly. However, when sent the 2nd time they almost always work.

However, if your customer does not have the required software to open you file that could be the problem.


Never ever give your email id to any other Fiverr member. It is against the TOS and might even get your account hacked.