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My seller keeps sending me copyrighted material

I ordered a logo from someone who i admired their style and thought it fit with my brand. Twice they have sent images just off a google search with some wording. I asked if they got artist permission to use. I requested modifications. They sent an image from a famous graphic artist. There is no wayi can use that and not get sued. He is now ignoring me. Its been three days since my last modification request when i called him out for copyright infringement. What should i do? Im new to this. This was an artist with high reviews. Im very disappointed.


Hi,in that case u should contact cs .

Maybe you should contact support and explain the situation.

You have 2 options:

  1. Go for a mutual cancellation using the resolution center (on the right side of the order page).

  2. Contact Customer Support and tell them of the issue. They will cancel the order for you.

In either case, you will be refunded for the project.


Please contact Customer Support with the proof that the seller is trying to sell you stolen goods. Due to the Privacy Policy, they won’t be able to tell you about any actions taken against the seller, but you will get a refund, and hopefully CS will either issue a warning to the seller, or ban them if they keep selling stolen stuff.


Always try to choose sellers after reading their reviews and ratings.


Did you contact customer support and ask a refund. If you are telling truth 100% sure you will have your money back if that is not passed 13 days after order completion.


The seller ended up canceling the order. Im not sure if there is any way to leave feedback on this seller if the order is cancelled to warn other buyers.

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As dozens of others have said, contact customer support.


Exactly You Need To Contact Fiverr Support Center And Complain Against This Seller!!


contact resolution center.

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This just happened to me! I loved the artist’s work and all their reviews were stellar, but then she sent me a rip off of another company in my industry. There’s only 3 of us in the whole country so of course I recognized their logo and said something right away!
The artist’s response was to replace the one piece of the logo that made it different at all with the exact shape that the other company uses. I explained again that I didn’t want their logo or to be sued so to please make revisions… They sent me back a slapped together logo that had absolutely zero of what I requested.

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This is very rare case…,
But i saw from fb group…, people actually selling their fiverr account to a new person.
Maybe because of something like this, buyer got a very bad result, even though the seller review is great.
Or…, if this new seller…, their got their review by cheating…,


Just in case - this is against Fiverr’s ToS of course, :wink:

Difficult to say this without any proof. Perhaps their previous buyers weren’t as diligent in checking what they received?

@maddie_in_love - please either cancel this order and get a refund, or leave a negative review. In either case, please report to CS.


I just gave up and accepted the order at that point and left my first ever super frowny face review. I’m having issues with Fiverr triple charging me for a gig and somehow messing up another gig so that I was charged for it despite never being able to even start the requirements process due to some issue on their end. I am disappointingly familiar with their CS reps. :unamused:


You have 2 options to do this situation:
1: Tell your seller that what you want Exactly (For Last Time)
2: If he/she not Response you tell him/her you go to Customer Support(CS)
3: Go for a Mutual Cancellation using the resolution center
4: Contact Customer Support and tell them your Seller didn’t Response.
They will Cancel the Order and You will Get Refund :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:

Happy Freelancing :slightly_smiling_face:
Dev Sunny

Sorry for what you suffer and see, please think positive :thinking: maybe Next time you will get a good Seller with a soft heart :no_mouth: and good comunitation skill

that time you happy very much :hugs: :hugs:
Happy Freelancing :slightly_smiling_face: