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My seller level didn't upgraded...Although i met all the requirements

Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me please when the seller level get upgraded? I completed all the requirements for level 1 (earnings + orders + days without warnings + selling seniority). But still it showing me as a new seller. I completed all the orders on time. Next evaluation is on 15 Feb. Do i get promoted after that evaluation?

I would like to mention one thing, I asked 2 or 3 buyers to extend the delivery time and they agreed. Can it be the reason for not getting promotion? But it wasn’t a late delivery.

Kindly share your thoughts. I was too happy for this moment but it didn’t came yet.

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That’s correct. As long as you maintain your stats, you’ll be promoted on the 15th of Feb.

Promotions and demotions take place once a month on evaluation day.

Ohh…thanks. I was worried about this. So i need to wait for 13 more days…