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My seller Level isn't moving up!?

Greetings Fellas,

So i’ve been using Fiverr for quite time and i went to Level 1 & 2 at the time. It was my hard working days and luck with me to get right clients to work with.

However from last few months my level dropped because i couldn’t accept project for personal reasons, I went to no level and till date it’s the same.

When i see on my Fiverr app. my level meets all requirements to move on the level 1 but it doesn’t move me on top.

Not sure if there’s any technical glitch or i’m missing part of a puzzle.

Do you folks have any idea what’s wrong here?


If your analytics says you are eligible to move to higher level but it doesn’t then you should contact CS.


Fiverr evaluate Profile at the Mid of Month (15 date) . so you have to wait till next month.

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I did, waiting for them to contact back!

Yeah i know that already…

Same thing happened to me and they ignore the sales I had prior to my spell of not being active.