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My seller needs more time - how to give more time?


Due to geographic time distance (he’s 6 hours a head of me), the seller needs 4 more hours to complete the project. I’m cool with that. How can I extend that order? How can I give him the extra time he needs?


Deadlines are pretty much just automated in Fiverr. If you don’t have reason to expect trouble in this transaction, you and the seller can simply agree to let the seller “deliver” a file on time, (or do whatever it takes to simulate completion of the gig), then actually complete and deliver the final version of the work a little late. You’ll still have the private message thread available on each transaction.

Yes, that is a situation which could be manipulated by either of you – if you are mean or evil or whatever. But since you seem to both be reasonable and a little flexible, the fake finish is do-able. Then you can leave feedback when you really get what you ordered.

If you insist on making a seller do a “rush job” to meet a Fiverr deadline, the content you are trying to buy might suffer. If they DO come through for you as expected, then you’ll know you can probably trust them for bigger and better jobs as well. And they might actually do better work for you in exchange for you not forcing the issue or saddling them with a cancellation or a negative.

Yes, Fiverr had deadlines for good reasons. But if the two of you can agree to a little more flexibility it can be a win-win situation. As a buyer I’ve let deadlines pass on many gigs, and always eventually got good or better results.

Fiverr staff might not like this discussion, but it is real world self help that works for me.


You don’t really need to do anything. If can simply inform the seller that you agree for him/her to deliver slightly late. Your seller will get an automatic warning that the buyer has the opportunity to cancel if the order isn’t delivered within 24 hours after going past the expected due date. By the sounds of it, that doesn’t seem like a problem.

You can, as suggested above, allow your seller to deliver empty for now and send the finished piece later. I don’t suggest that, unless you have built up a relationship with your seller. There is only one buyer I do that with because he orders a bulk at the start of the week by purchasing my extra fast option and I then deliver the pieces at the end of the week because we’ve made that agreement and have been working together since May/June.

I’m glad to hear of stories where buyers and sellers are working together though.