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My seller not happy I gave less that 5 stars?

Hi, totally new to Fivver - great concept I think - I ordered my first Gig and being new to the experience I didn’t have much time or know how to review the product and in the end gave what I thought was an honest rating, but I’ll be honest that I didn’t have time to review it much or give much feedback to the seller.

We had a discussion on Fivver today and the seller is upset and told me they can’t work with anyone that doesn’t give them 5 stars and to use someone else in the future.

Is this normal, fair? Am I being unreasonable or are they are - or is it just one of those teething issues from using Fivver for the first time?

Want to be a good community member as want to sell on this site as well as buy so all tips or views are welcome. Thanks. Paul


We are not allowed to discuss reviews, so your seller broke fiverr rules.

However a lot of sellers are choosing not to work with clients if they ordered a couple of times and always leave 4 star reviews for example.
It’s also not professional to tell a client that they didn’t like a review you left because you are allowed to write an honest review.

But the other side: of the same client comes back for more work and is constantly leaving 4* that’s a bit weird for sellers and on top of that can hurt our statistics and that will probably damage the ranking and that means less clients or even loosing a seller level.
That’s just to give you a reason why your seller behaved that way. Nonetheless he still broke rules discussing your review.


Ok, thanks - I tend to think it’s a bit on both sides - take it as learning


In addition to what Maria said, I’ll point out that you have full 10 days to review an order (also, you don’t necessarily have to leave a review, if you’re not sure about the deliverable, although, obviously, reviewing helps the community, sellers and/or buyers).

You have 3 days to actively check a delivery and manually complete the order, or request modifications (clearance period for the seller revenue starts only from order completion; after 3 days of doing nothing, the order will autocomplete, else some buyers would just disappear, and the seller would never get paid) and you have even 10 days to leave feedback (the public one, that a seller and everyone else will see on their profile and gig, and the private one that’s just for Fiverr to see), so you don’t need to rush.

It might be good to take a look at Fiverr’s Buyer Help Center, to get an overview about how things “technically” work:

Reading Fiverr’s terms of service, if you haven’t already, will give you an idea of whether a seller’s behaviour is “normal”/acceptable in some cases.

And welcome to the forum!


It is unusual not to get five stars from buyers unless they were less than fully satisfied, but yes, as others say, the seller should not discuss feedback. However, it may be that he was simply trying to say, ‘I don’t feel comfortable working for you again as you were unhappy but didn’t give me any prior warning of this’… and that to convey this, he alluded to the feedback as being his source of awareness (of the unhappiness). Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known.

I think you were perfectly correct to give 4 stars if you were not delighted. It is also the case that 4 stars doesn’t comprise a bad review rating–it’s pretty good–and if you’re new, you wouldn’t even realise that sellers tend to 5-star buyers if they were very happy.

It’s related to you being new to the site combined with the seller feeling disappointed that he must have under-delivered but did not know it till the 4-star feedback came. Not your fault, just lack of familiarity combined with his own pride taking a knock. You did nothing wrong.

Confession time:

I also decided not to work for a buyer again after a 4.7 score as I was trying to keep my perfect 5s, ha–it’s a matter of personal pride!

It’s daft really as 4.7 is also great, and I see that, but as I always go ‘over and above’ to deliver my best, I kind of thought–well, if the buyer did not find that delivery was a 5-star delivery, I cannot see what I can do to improve on it. Over-sensitive…yes, yes, I know!


Hi. There was a recent discussion of the five-star thing in another thread. Maybe you’ll find it interesting.


One 4.3 star review shouldn’t really matter if the seller gets enough other reviews that are higher rated in the last 60 days. If they don’t get enough higher ratings it could drop their level. Though if the buyer keeps giving around 4.3 stars that might keep lowering the average. Also if other buyers see a 4.7 star review then above it a 4.3 star review for the gig, that might make them decide to leave similar ratings when they leave their review, instead of the normal 5 star rating, so bringing the average rating down for future orders.

If there wasn’t the 4.7 star 60 day average requirement for levels it wouldn’t matter as much really.


Asking a buyer for good review is against Fiver Rules, But being a seller rating effects gigs performance too much, so its pretty good to leave 5 star if the seller completed the work according to your requirements and you are satisfied!

if you like the seller’s job so you should give 5 stars because in fiverr 5 stars rating is meant to be a good rating, so please be big heart and give full ratings to sellers if you like the work

I feel like the same applies to buyers. Sellers leave 5* reviews out of politeness too imo

I won’t work again with anyone who leaves a rate under 5 stars, that’s a risky move. Any review under 4.7 is bad for your profile, as that’s the threshold Fiverr decided for keeping levels. Of course I know the rules, and I would never explain it to a client. The moment the review is left, I just block and he will never order from me again.


Although I understand where the seller is coming from, I would be ashamed to speak to a buyer in this way. :pensive: It is not professional!

Furthermore, your seller could get a warning for talking to you as a buyer in such a manner. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If I had been you, I would have told the seller I do not want to work with you in the future either because of how unprofessional your behavior is. :roll_eyes:

That is what Fiverr wants you to do.

The other replies have done an excellent job of describing things from the sellers side and explaining how things work on Fiverr. They are correct in saying there is plenty of time for you to give a review on not give one, it is totally up to you. But always give an honest review. Do not feel pressured into giving a fake 5 :star: one!


It is completely up to the buyer on how (or if) they review a seller. It is also completely up to the seller if they ever want to conduct business with a previous buyer ever again.

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“didn’t have much time or know how to review the product and in the end gave what I thought was an honest rating”

So you gave a review without taking the time to learn how to review? So you just picked a random number of stars to what seemed fair? Am I getting this right?


You definitely need to pay more attention to the work provided to you to give honest reviews. Sellers put in their full efforts to work for you so they deserve an honest review.

Hi Paulflaksman,

Fiverr is an International marketpalce where sellers and buyers are in contact with each other. If the buyers are happy with the seller’s service, they give them 5 star happily. However, if they give less than 5 star to be very honest, the seller has not right to discuss it with him as it is against the fiverr rules.
In other case, if the buyer sends repeated orders, it means he is fully satisfied with the seller’s service. So, the buyer should be honest enough to review him professionally.