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My seller response rates keep dropping

Hello friends,
My response rates keep dropping. Just from Monday till today it has dropped from 89-43%. Can someone tell me what is going on?Screenshot-2017-10-12 Fiverr jameswhity To-dos

They say it’s a bug.

That means it would be fixed later, right?

I have no idea. I tried to look for my response rate, I don’t even know where to check it.

Well, let’s keep watching and waiting to see what Fiverr get to do about this.

Contact CS - they may be able to reset your numbers for you. :sunny:

Your percentage is usually affected by a spam message - if your numbers drop when this happens, CS will be able to help you each time.

There was a post by some seller here about a couple days ago, she said the CS reset the percentage for her but after a while it became 89% again.

Yep, mine suddenly dropped to 50% after replying to a message, now its back up to ~70% (used to be 100%)

If someone sent you a spam message then try mark that as Spam.

Furthermore, in order to recover your original response rate, contact Customer Support immediately.

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Click the icon with the bars “Dashboard” next to the cart.

Thanks! Checked it. 100%