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My seller took 3 days to copy a logo off the internet

I paid for services from a buyer, who I am not going to disclose, and received two logos from their mid-tier package.

The first logo resembled A&W and the second logo was straight up copied from a google search I did on investment logo ideas.


Is this normal on fiverr? I did get a refund after i refused to accept their services, and after going with another logo designer I have received sub-par services again. This time I went with a “highly reviewed” designer and the quality is slightly better but looks like there was no effort put in at all.

I couldn’t find a direct support chat for Fiverr so I decided to rant here.

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Welcome to the forums, and sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble!

I wouldn’t say it’s so much as “normal”, so much as it is fairly common among low-tier prices when it comes to, well, any gig really. While I don’t know how much you spent, to me offhand this sounds like accounts who (even if they had good reviews) have cheap services.

I am not an expert in graphic design nor do I know a lot about logo creation, from what I have seen I would expect a fair price for high quality service to be in the three-digit range, if not $300+. Again, not sure if you paid this much or not, but I would always factor not just reviews, but pricing and portfolio when it comes to making a decision to purchase a gig or not. Contacting a seller beforehand never hurts either! If their tone is unprofessional and all over the place, that can be a good sign.

All in all, this isn’t a rare instance, but I wouldn’t say not to keep searching. There are extremely talented graphic designers on this platform, and I know if I was in the market for a logo, Fiverr would be one of my first stops. In any case, I wish you luck moving forward!


As somebody who creates unique designs from scratch in illustrator I’ve noticed that some logo designers on here just use logo design websites or templates. The only advice I can give is look deeply through the logo design gigs before ordering, actually I would give this advice for any category that is very saturated. Like the previous reply says the pricing of the gig is often an indicator of quality and service you might receive.

I hope you can sort your design out with the seller!

Not sure what your budget was, but realistic prices on custom logo design start in 3 digits area, with rare exceptions for talented newbies.
If it was a $5-20 logo, then I wouldn’t dare to use the word “normal”, but “expected” it definetely is.

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I paid $60, i’m guessing this is too low to receive any quality work?

The second designer I paid closer to $80, but I am waiting for revisions so we will see.

yes and no … depends but in any case it’s unacceptable if he copied some logo that he found online

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Yeah, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to say that it is acceptable to come up with a stolen logo, just because you are underpaid. That’s straight out fraud and you rightfully got your refund.
But when something is too good to be true, it probably is, so tread carefully when dealing with very affordable gigs.

$60-80 is not too bad of a budget, that’s pretty much where you look for talented newbies or perhaps an established designer from a country with very low standarts of living. But it can be quite a gamble and whether it’s worth the risk depends on your priorities regarding time vs. money balance.

I mean… you’re doing the exact same thing… @marinapomorac what’s the process to report people who steal designs to re-sell?