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My seller user account is not available

I had given one of the seller to complete my resume and cover letter. Though the cover letter is good, I am not happy with the resume. Only the summary is good. He just added a design but not good content. He told me that my resume needs to be written from scratch, so I paid 30 dollars more than the price mentioned. He tried to help but I felt he doesn’t have experience Lots of grammatical errors and even the the descriptions were not good. Now, when I requested him to change grammers and other things, the user is not available.
Has anyone faced like this??
What could be done in this case?


How many revisions came with the order?

I’m not sure about that. Should be unlimited

How many revisions have you ask for so far?

3 times probably. But it were all gramatical errors and date inconsistencies

Hi @bijayraja, when searching for your seller, do you get a banner saying something like “The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”?

If so, then Fiverr banned your seller or your seller closed their account.


so what will happen in that case?

You can get a refund.


Where can I contact regarding this??

Here is the link for Customer Support:


Thank you so much for your help. Hope I can get the solution.


You must contact with Customer support in that case