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My seller was kidnapped!


I can’t get in touch with my seller, we were in the middle of a gig and suddenly he stopped answering my messages and we still have some modifications to do.

One of the gigs bought was not even started…

I’m really trying to contact him for four days and got no answer.

Anyone have an idea for solving this?..



What do you mean seller was kidnapped?


How long has it been since the seller hasn’t responded?

They might be in a different timezone and asleep.


Reply to @kay2809: I think OP is just being facetious. It’s a joke title.


A few options.

If it’s been a few hours

  1. Seller might be in a different timezone, and thus went to sleep.
  2. Seller might’ve needed to get to work/school/store etc, and doesn’t have internet access or can’t talk
  3. Seller is just busy, they have a life to attend to and stuff

    If it’s been a few days:
  4. Seller’s internet doesn’t work - that happened to me a couple of times with buyers, and I felt more stressed than they did LOL
  5. Seller might have a personal issue that makes him unable to respond
  6. Seller might’ve been banned from fiverr
  7. Seller simply did not see your messages. Try again!

    I suggest you wait until the deadline has elapsed. If he still hasn’t answered/delivered by then, just cancel the gig so you can get your money back!

    Best of luck, and I hope all goes well for you!


It’s also possible he got a personal problem. But the thing is

  1. Are you sure he/she is an experienced seller? Might be possible to suddenly realize “OMG I can’t do it !”
  2. Do you have asked A LOT of modifications, pretty complicated? Are you sure it’s possible to do within the time given?
  3. You say “one of the gigs bought”, didn’t you buy too much at a time? Did you talk with the seller before ordering?