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My sellers seem to always be sick or have a sick family member

I have to say, I’ve used Fiverr maybe 3 times. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. the seller does not make the deadline as promised because they suddenly have become ill or have an ill family member. I believed it the first time. I was skeptical the second time. And now that its happened again, the third time in a row, I’ve decided this will likely be my last Fiverr purchase. (All different sellers, by the way)

Every time I checked reviews of the sellers, made sure I clearly communicated what I want and what I expected, and started a dialogue where the seller appeared to be on track. Typically an hour prior to the due date time I send some sort of “Looking forward to seeing what you have for me” message they suddenly have an illness.

When I offer to cancel to lighten their load I get some sort of aggressive message back stating that they are working on my request RIGHT NOW and to BE PATIENT and they will have it soon.

… I’ve developed a mistrust for the sellers on Fiverr. Am I alone in this experience?


Oh wow!! You’re so not a lucky person! 3 in a row?!

That is weird! Most of the selles delivery early so they can revision the work.

Well I hope you find a nice freelancer soon to get your job done quickly :slight_smile:


Very sad to hear that you are living the Fiverr. :frowning: :frowning: Just my personal opinion maybe you found a busy seller who has one more project pending to complete first.

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I’m not protecting anyone or being bias. Yes, it is unfortunate to go through the same experience 3 times and receive the same explanation every time, but from my experience majority of sellers are not like that. I’m a seller my self, but before becoming a seller; I used fiverr to buy traffic & designs mainly & I had no such experience after purchasing dozens of gigs.

Also I think it is sellers’ duty to specify a time which they can actually deliver and stay out of “24 hr quick delivery” if they can’t deliver within the time.

I hope you continue on fiverr because I can assure you not everyone is alike and do not give up on a platform which has millions of good sellers over a couple of bad sellers.



Possibly… but why lie? I would have so much more respect if they just told me the truth!


I appreciate your encouragement. I’m glad to know I’ve just had some bad luck. Maybe I won’t give up after all!


Yes seller should not do it. Wish you good luck next time :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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While it’s unfortunate you’ve experienced this 3 times in a row… you need to also keep in mind, sellers are people too, they DO get sick, injured, have family emergencies, are victims of storms
(Power outages) and other issues that affect delivering on time.


Oh yeah, and I am totally understanding when they are telling the truth. But for it to be the same story three times in a row… it makes a girl skeptical.


Glad to know that, hope nothing like this happens again :smiley:

I get it! But it’s entirely possible THEY ARE telling the truth!! Hoping you’ve just had a bit of bad luck so far, and your fiverr experience gets better :slight_smile:

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Make sure to include that in the review, so if the next buyer was given the same excuse they know the seller is playing them.

Whatever will be next - sick notes from sellers to prove they were or weren’t ill?

@shifan - if you were unfortunate enough to be ill (hope it never happens BTW) or you had to extend an order for a similarly personal reason, would you want it on a review as a lasting legacy?

Stuff happens.


Yes things happen.

I am not saying to write down it in a negative way. People know things happen, so why not include the experience in a positive way. After all that’s why reviews are there, to let others know of the experience.

Seems pretty negative to me! :wink:


LOL… seriously? :rofl::joy:

A nice way would be:

5 Stars “Seller was sick, and had to ad an extension, but provided fabulous work when he/she felt well enough to complete the order. Most appreciated!”

Is that what you meant?

What’s the point of bringing up illness, as though it’s the seller’s fault? Some things are out of our control… :eyes:


Well you can mention about being sick and the extension at the end of the review.

Alternatively Fiverr can introduce a new feature to include the actual average delivery time beneath the seller’s promised delivery time. That way buyers would know this seller doesn’t deliver on the promised time. Now don’t take your armour against me on this yet, being a good freelancer means knowing how to manage your time, knowing how long it will take to deliver, keeping a buffer time for that unexpected THINGS COULD HAPPEN. If you have been delivering on advertised time then you need not worry.

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Sorry to hear that has happened three times in a row, that is super frustrating and thankfully not a reflection of sellers as a whole. Most sellers would let you know something come up - for example they are sick or other life situations) and they notify their buyer as soon as possible that it has happened (if possible - obviously there are some situations where that is not going to happen, but they are rare). It is simply a professional courtesy.

To not let a seller know up to an hour before the work is due that you are ill and it will be late (and only advise them when they send you a message) is really poor form and terrible customer service in my opinion.

Yes stuff happens to everyone, but sellers should at least have the courtesy to let the buyer know that stuff has happened. I’ve not yet come across a buyer that hasn’t been accommodating and understanding when stuff has happened for me and I’ve let them know.


This is true, regarding 1 hour notice… but what I find to be an issue though – is the different time zones… I have had NO electricity and had to go to the mall, to touch bases with a customer and ask for an extension (just in case.) But the buyer was in a time zone 12 hours behind me, so it may appeared to be short notice, when it really wasn’t that short…

Thankfully they were accommodating.

I would encourage you to try a Fourth time.

Just once more. I’m curious to hear your experience.