My selling links above my profile do not work


Every time when I click on ‘buyer request’ for example, under top ‘selling’ tab do not work.
I hope that I was clear guys. Do you have the same problem and do you know what is the problem?


my end it is working fine and i prefer contact fiverr CS !


It may be that there are no Buyer Requests for what you offer in your gigs. Therefore you will not see any Buyer Requests until there are.


Try to clean your cache :slight_smile: And please use Google Chrome for best experience.


I wrote CS guys do not worry


We do not worry :smiley: Just give you advise as you write here.

13 Ara 2017 16:02 tarihinde “ivanakoprivica2” <> yazdı:


Hi guys,
I contacted CS and they fixed the problem. In the similar problems, the best thing to do is to do the same thing. :slightly_smiling_face: