My sells are close to zero for last few days after new fiverr update is rolled out


Hi I used to get 5-10 order per days on average for last few months but recently after new updates been rolled outt I am getting hardly any sells at all! Whats happening?I didnt changed anything or didnt get any negative reviews recently that could cause the drop but I dont know whats happening,anyone suffering the same problem like me on fiverr recently.Please speak out & help me out please.thanks


you are right dear. there is massive drop down of sales this days. but am still getting orders. hope you have videos in your gig?? that will help u get exposure. if you don`t have try and create it. i can create one for you. check my gigs

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me too,i used to have 3-5 orders per day, it was great, it’s been week now without any sales for me :confused: this really sucks


Exactly the same for me, no orders now for a few days? Plus the new navigation bar at the top is worse than the old one. If it aint broke, dont fix it, springs to mind. Its amazing how users can soon get put off.


Same here! My sales dropped suddenly without any reason & when asked fiverr support they gave me some generic answers! This is so Frustrating!!