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My sells are going down

Hi Friends
I am a level 2 seller but last 2 month my sells are too down can you let me know what can i do to increase my sells again


You can change the keywords


Active available now feature & update your gigs


but available button is not showing in my profile

i change the keywords but still i cannot get any order

When you changed the keywords

i change in this weak and also change in previous week

same here in october I received 200+ order and in november I received only 50+ order

i have only get 3 to 4 order


i facing same problems

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Wait for 24 hrs if not seen any improvement. Try to update your description or try to change Ang New keywords

ok sir i will do :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

Frequent changes don’t have good impact on gigs i.e. they won’t appear in the search engine. Give about one month to see the result.

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Christmas time. Now difficult to get new orders

What the heck happened?! I have no orders for months… and to be honest i completely gave up on fiverr çause it’s not reliable for selling anymore… but since I have experience here I came back and went down to 0 level… BECAUSE OF WHAT? Because nobody is purchasing?! :smiley: I’m just super disappointed… fiverr rely on sellers and sometimes they do all the best to give them up

I guess that’s the price for working 4 years for their company…