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My send offer button is not working

i am encountering this problem since yesterday my send offer button is not working on the buyer requests page. I am unable to send any requests since yesterday. Has anybody else encountered the same problem?
I will appreciate it if you people can help me resolve this issue.

I have the same problem, it works on android app but it doesn’t work on the website

I am also having same problem…whats wrong with fiverr???

I’m becoming impatient. When will be solved the problem???

same problem here

I just solved this problem by using Ccleaner!

I’m having the same problem from last 3 days. Trying to send offers but send offer button is not working. Can anyone help?

I’ve been having this problem for a few days not and I’m losing out on business! Any solutions found? Is it because of site maintenance?

Hi, I’d the same problem yesterday and what I did is just re-login my account or refreshing the browser by closing the page and open the page again by web browser history. Hope this can help, or maybe anyone have another tips.

So I managed to send a note to the buyer but then the button disappeared again - so annoying!

I have same issue here so what can i do any one can help me so i can resolve it.

I was stuck in same issue my sending offer button is not working, but I solve this problem.
Go to Extension option and remove an unnecessary extension from your browser and if you instal Adblock plus extension so must delete this one.


I’m still having the same problem. Actually send offer shows but it like transparent type.
I’ve deleted all unnecessary extensions from my browser and still facing the same pr

Still having the same pr. after uninstalling the unnecessary extensions also.

Can you plz tell me what is “Ccleaner”?