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My service is SKYPE Consultation


My gig is “Coaching session online” by SKYPE,

Unfortunately Fiverr’s system alert me not to use “SKYPE” word when communicating with my clients. (even not allow me to write that name)

There is no deliver I send back after an order done, there is only letting them know my "skype user name"

Please any idea/ solution?



Hi Osher, I also have skpe approved gigs. And why KJBLYNX is correct in principle, you’ve already gotten the permission when you gig was approved!

So here’s the deal: YOU can use the word, just use it in the body of the order. Also, if you want to avoid even that, make up a PDF with instruction on how to find you on skype, how to schedule the 15 minutes, etc.

Then you’re delivering a PDF document that can say “Skype” all over it.

Try your very best to only use the word skype in the gig order under a skype approved gig. If you nave to use it in a conversation (either because they’re asking a question or why not) you could say

That’s why we’ll meet on the chat tool to discuss it, etc.

Try to avoid the word skype in chat. Sometimes it’s not possible…just do your best.

Please note the warning will still show up, But you’re not actually breaking the rule.