My simple request was rejected by Fiverr. Need help to understand why


I posted this request: “I need someone to post a real estate ad on Zillow, Trulia, CraigsList, and other web sites (only on those appropriate for real estate ads.) I have the text for the ad (about 1100 characters, 160 words) plus about 10 photos.”

I got the reply:

“Unfortunately, your Gig request “I need someone to post a real estate…” did not pass our review due to one (or more) violations of our TOS, for example:

  • It contains payment information.
  • It contains contact information (e.g ■■■■■, email, phone no.), or your site/social media URL.
  • You submitted your request to multiple categories. You should select the most suitable category and subcategory, and then submit only one request.
  • It contains a request for services, which are not allowed on Fiverr (e.g. violation of third party Terms Of Service, copyrighted materials, licensed software, etc.)”

How in the world is my request in violation of anything? It has no payment information. It has no email address, phone number, or any URL. I only submitted one request to one category. There’s nothing about copyright, licensed software, or anything like that in it.

I read the Help Center’s page on “Requesting Specific Services” and watched the video. That page says that under “Buying > Manage Requests”, ‘Your request will be labeled PENDING until it is approved by Fiverr. If your request is not approved, it will be labeled UNAPPROVED.’ However, this post is not listed there at all.

I don’t want to go through all 14 pages of the ToS to try to guess what else might be wrong. This is a very simple request. Can you advise me?

Thanks much,


I would guess this is the reason.


What services that are not allowed? My national real estate coach specifically said this is a common request to post my own properties under contract on web sites via Fiverr.


The sites you are referring to don’t allow just anyone to post ads. For most you will lead a minimum of a realtor license and your own approved profile. This would beg the question why can’t you post the ads yourself. If its because you don’t qualify for an account, you are basically asking someone to subvert those sites TOS for you.

I would suggest you research how to post ads on Zillow and similar sites yourself. .


I can tell you for sure that your request violates Craigslist rules, though it is commonly done anyway. If Fiverr catches something that breaks the rules of another site, they will reject it.


I can understand the point cyaxrex made about Zillow and realtors. I don’t want to break any rules on any sites, but I don’t understand this. For example, I thought Craigslist is open to any person posting and there are dozens of other real estate-related web sites that are open. Is it because someone else is doing the posting on my behalf, and if so, why is that not okay since it’s on my behalf? Is there a way I might authorize it?

I may be talking myself through this, but your feedback is appreciated.


You’re having a seller post an ad off of Fiverr which is not allowed.


I post ads for real estate on Craigslist sometimes if I own it.

The reason it violates the rules is what Miss Bunny said. Craigslist and the others don’t allow it, hiring someone else to place ads for you, as far as I know, probably unless you are licensed.


To be honest, it’s a very gray area. Anyone can create a Wikipedia page or post an ad on Craigslist. However, many sites prohibit people from being paid to post ads. This can be due to sites not liking random individuals profiting from their brand. Alternatively, sites may be attempting to lower the amount of Spam ads being placed.

I say that this is a gray area, as there are many ad agencies, content marketing firms, and PR agencies which do post regularly to ad and social media platforms. I’m not even sure how people get away with Instagram and Facebook marketing on Fiverr, to be honest.

Possibly, certain individuals and groups might have agreements in place with certain platforms.


There is a certain amount of fraud that goes on with real estate ads in some places, where people don’t have any association at all with the real estate they are advertising so I’m sure they try to prevent that by limiting who can place ads. It needs to be either the owner or a licensed agent, or possibly someone who has a limited contract with the owner.

You can get in trouble by agreeing to place ads for people you don’t even know. They might not even own what you are placing ads for.


About psychicbunny’s and misscrystal’s thoughts, Fiverr has many sellers who do lots of marketing off Fiverr. That’s what a VA is for… to assist.

cyaxrex, thanks for your clarifications about the gray area (if that’s not an oxymoron :wink: As for FB Marketplace, that is one of their niches, by definition dedicated to marketing.

misscrystal, there certainly is fraud sometimes, and I do want to avoid that.


My sons recently booked a vacation home in Seattle where they went to a baseball game. They paid a deposit via a credit card. When they got to the address that was given them it was a private home. The owner said my sons were the 3rd group to show up that day about checking in to the vacation home they thought they had rented. :scream:


This has become very common I hear unfortunately and hence, why no one should place ads for real estate for anyone else.


I guess it would make it hard to track down the actual culprit if the ad was not placed by the deceptive one. :roll_eyes:


I have a contract on this property. Is there any system I can use to post for myself on multiple sites?


I would imagine the best, most effective, and most professional way to do this is to post each request on each site, according to the unique rules of each site. Trying to do everything via a mass one-time post isn’t the best way to handle good marketing.


Having a contract on property is not the same as owning it in some cases btw. It might not be legal in some places to try to sell the contract. So assuming you can legally do that where you live you can simply post them yourself.


You could try getting on the MLS database. I have no idea what credentials you need to do this. However, many U.S. realtors and real estate sites pull directly from the MLS database, as well as use it to actively hunt for properties.


In the U.S. only realtors can use that although there are some real estate companies that will let people use it provided they pay a hefty fee. The main problem with that is those listings are buried where no one sees them, since no realtors earn a commission from the sale.


MLS is good, but actually more properties are sold off MLS than on. However, MLS does have verifiable comps and with the most data.