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My six gigs that I made

I made 6 gigs in fiverr.lam so happy for this.but I didn’t get any work


I also made 6 gig…but didn’t get any work

hi there, as per my expierence focus only 1 or 2 gigs
for better results in search apperience and get more response from buyers because of speciality and also fiverr algorthym work like this that is up on that


Be patient you will get order sooner or later.
Now this time going to be competitions for freelancers.
Make sure your SEO has been well setup.
The topic about service you are working make proper titles and descriptions ,Image high quality.

And one thing if possible upload video to gig… presentation video of your service. This might attract clients.

Don’t create so much gig on one topic.

It’s my personal words…m


“You will get an order sooner or later.” Incorrect.

No one gets an order just because they have been here for a long time.

@solver_786 Research your competition before you create gigs. If you’re superfluous in your market it is inherently harder to make a sale.


I know skills is required for works.
But I’m talking about the gigs😊

I’m talking about gigs, too. The point is to sell them, correct?

You don’t sell a gig just because you’ve been on for a long time. Sales aren’t “just a matter of time” for anyone.

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How could i say?? understand again.
I said about to motivate himself…
Time isn’t matter… researching is matter…i know that…
But i did anything wrong???

I think part of the problem is that your English is terrible and you don’t even understand what I’m saying.

I understand your English…
Now don’t go with English…
Mark my sentence where i did wrong…
Next time i will try to fix.

My objection about “only a matter of time” had nothing to do with how you phrased it. My criticism was that you said something that was untrue. Phrasing it differently wouldn’t make it true.

The fact that you thought my point was about your phrasing indicates that you didn’t at all understand what I wrote.

My criticism of your English is a separate criticism: that nothing you say is intelligible and you don’t even understand my point.


Okay sorry for misunderstanding.
Thanks :blush:

I don’t know why you made so many gig, start from something which you’re really good at. Add proper description, who you’re, what you can do, and why you’re a good choice.

Don’t make number of gigs just because you can see more requests in your buyer’s request portion.

Find your true talent and sell it in a unique way.
Good luck!!

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I am new in Fiverr.I am also waiting for my first order

“Be patient you will get order sooner or later.”
Can u be more specific?
What’s the time range of this “sooner or later”?

I am totally agree with you

I am waiting for a smart order.

Means will get…one day the first order