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My son submitted this without approval


I just got two cancellation requests, one after the other. The orders were placed this morning. I look over the details and sent a thank you note to the client for both orders. Now a few hours later the client requested cancellation for both, saying that his son submitted the orders without approval. What should I do?


Contact Customer Support and tell them what happened.


Accept the cancellations. You have no choice.


If it was obvious that a child made the orders I would have. But the details were well written, concise and straight to the point, an adult made those orders.


Or her son could be 30, but you can’t really do anything but accept the cancellations.


Why do you think that I should accept the cancellations? It could just be an excuse from the client to cancel for whatever reason, if there was no consequences for me I would. But two cancellations will adversely affect my account and there is no longer anytime to build my cancellation % up.


Because as long as you have not done the work, you have to give them a refund. What are you going to do, launch into a battle over it with them?


Placing an order that means the buyer have to go to your profile page then click on order now then choose a package then write the details of what he needs, after that he have to confirm his PayPal email and password to make a payment…etc

Do you believe a child can do all this! What a smart kid!

But from your side as seller, you have to cancel the order because no way to complete It If the buyer want to cancel.

So accept his cancellation request and get back to work with other buyers. :slight_smile:


Did you finish the work requested for those orders?


You could refuse to cancel but on what grounds, just that it will hurt your account? It’s not really the buyer’s problem.


I’d explain everything to CS, and if they think those orders need to be cancelled, then I would ask CS to cancel the orders, because I would rather see in my Analytics page “cancelled by Fiverr” instead of by me. Who knows, maybe in the near future cancellations done by Fiverr will not weigh as much (or at all) as those done by us.


Thanks for your feedback, I understand your point.


But when you involve customer support in this and have them cancel it, it counts more heavily against you.


Not as yet, was just about to start.


The son in question could be 14+ and not have permission to place the orders. Ask customer support to cancel them for you. I believe that those which are genuinely not the sellers fault will not be counted in the big shake up.

The alternative is that you deliver and get 2 1-star reviews and then a chargeback which still counts as 2 cancellations, although I also believe those wont be counted.


I don’t know - I had a buyer who placed an order and CS cancelled it because the buyer apparently made a mistake. CS told me it had no adverse effect on my account.


Then why does it show in the analytics as any other cancellation?

Those analytics are proof that all cancellations count against you.

And when it gets below 90% and you lose a level, try arguing with customer support that some don’t count.


Still, seeing “cancelled by Fiverr” and knowing that CS cancelled those (after seeing themselves that it was a mistake) at least gives me some peace of mind for the moment, and that it might even be weighed accordingly.


Customer Support always on buyer side, they would not tell the buyer “sorry buyer, the seller Is right It’s your fault and we’re going to kick you out of fiverr!”

I don’t mean that Is bad of fiverr, but all marketplaces do the same for buyers, If you loose the buyer you loose the seller too.


I’ve never seen that phrase. Where does it say that?