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My songs keeps showing up on artists Profile! How to Stop this?

Does anybody know how you keep your song collaboration with an artist from showing up as a demo project for other potential buyers, on their artist profile? It really irritates me when I see that my particular song that I was working on is up on the artists page for people to listen to when I haven’t even released it.


Report them to CS @ with proof the song collaboration is yours.

I will, thank you for your reply!

The seller that is stealing your work will either get a warning or lose their account.

First, are you a seller or a buyer?

Second, if you’re a buyer and paying a seller to collaborate on a project with you, it’s up to you to decide if you want your delivered order displayed on their portfolio. When you receive a delivery and complete it, there’s a box that says something along the lines of “display on portfolio”. If you don’t want it to show, un-check the box.

Third, don’t report a seller if the situation is your fault. PLEASE!

Had a client complain to me about the same situation before.


@ramtink86 I apologize, I thought you were a seller who was having other sellers steal your work. @j6nyc6 is correct in saying:

Yes, do not get a seller in trouble with CS if it was your error.

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