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My Special gig request are not approving?Please tell me why


I am Worried about my special gig request . I am unable to request for special request. When i request for gig then after some time this notification is come:Your request was declined… Need Help


Duplicate post:

What are you asking for in ‘Buyer Requests’ - if you tell us a bit more, we might be able to help you. :sunny:


Sir Buyer>Post a request to seller community>


I don’t know the reason why fiverr not approved my request. Need help


What did you ask for in your request? What job are you looking to have done for you?


I just want to know that why fiverr not approving my request


If you don’t tell us what you were asking for, we can’t help you.

I think it might be safe to assume you were advertising your services there as a seller, rather than a buyer - that’s probably why your request was declined.

Please feel free to put me right if that isn’t the case.


I second that. :slight_smile: