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My start to 2017


So my 2017 started with the cancellation of couple of orders (mutual though). Can anyone else share how their new year has started ?


Still no orders from last 2 weeks


Today I’ve created my account.Not yet published any gig.


I need a transparent logo of two Dinosaurs in an embrace/cuddle with PSD SOURCE FILE in layers.Am I asking too much?


Been on vacation, but a couple possible orders set up prior to doing so. People are still getting back to the swing of things, so stay patient.


It is hard to start over the holidays. Alot of people are away. Be patient.


My new year also started with cancellation of an tough order.


I haven’t withdrawn post bro.


HAHA… Good luck bro.


Thats bad. I hope it’ll come around.


I’ve had a good couple of enquiries in the last few days but only one order in 2017. I think there are still loads of people on holiday and catching a bit of a rest after all the Christmas and New Years festivities. I am sure that everything will pick up again from next week.

It is perfect that it is quiet for me now because I am home alone with my kids until play school starts next week so I am only too happy to not have to juggle kids and trying to work.