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My statistic after 45 days of selling

Hello beautiful people,

I am a copywriter. I have started selling on Fiverr from 05 February 2021. I have completed 7 orders. Most of them are from buyer requests. I also have 2/3 repeat buyers. My gig only brought me 1 order so far. I have still not received any bad feedback.

I get an average of 50 impressions per gig and 1 or 2 clicks per day. My average selling price is around $9.

What do you think? Is this okay? Is there any space for improvement?

Kindly provide me with your valuable feedback and advice.

Have a great day. Thank you!


Thanks @faysalsumon1 for sharing your 45 days journey with Fiverr.

But I am not sure is that date ok?

You will get more click and impressions when you will get new order. Getting order helps gig ranking and you will get more click and impressions when gig shows on search


I have not made a single sell so far … so I think you are doing ok


First of all, Wellcome to Fiverr :grinning:
your journey starts here and long run to go.
it’s only 15 days since you are on Fiverr and I think your profile is fine and you are doing a good performance.
For better reach, you can share your gig on social media and sends buyer requests.
Don’t do copy paste same buyer request to everyone.
Happy journey with Fiverr.

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Best wishes for you @darkforce1980 . Hope you will get your first sell soon.
Please try to send buyer requests. It’s helps so much for new sellers. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sorry. I updated it.Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.

I have to wait long time in between orders. It is totally boring. Sometimes, I feel like giving up. I still stick to it anyway. You will have your days @darkforce1980 Thank you.

Not all buyers will leave feedback. Trust me, they are prompted plenty of times by Fiverr to give you feedback and rate the service, but some do not choose to do so, even if they like what you have done.

Whatever you do, do NOT message these buyers and ask them to rate you or ask why they have not left a review. This can get your account in trouble and a warning for breaking TOS.

You have received reviews - most recently 2 in the last week.

I would suggest under the SKILLS portion of your profile that you correct a couple of misspellings - after all, you are selling services that claim you can write/proofread and edit in English.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to review my profile. I will get it right ASAP.

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These are some great tips man. Thank you for the feedback

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I am new in this platform. Hopefully it will help me to earn my first sell.

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Best of luck @raihanme10. Hopefully, you will get your first sell in no time.