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My stats updated while on vacation


A couple of weeks ago, I complained about how my completion rate kept dropping with every new completed order instead of improving as I would have expected. I then activated vacation mode because I was traveling. I have just come back on Fiverr today and to my surprise, my completion rate has now miraculously risen from 83% all the way back to 100%. This is so weird.


Understand that your rates are an AVERAGE of the LAST 60 DAYS. If you perform or not, it will keep updating accordingly the days are passing.


So what would my stats be if I didnt work in the last 60 days?


theoretically it will be basically reset to 100% (like it is when you just create an account). but there is no mean stop working for 60 day just to get it reset.


Now that is what I find weird.


it’s not weird. Because in these days your performance cant be reduced if you didn’t worked.

For example, the performance of a single day starts at 100%, but it get reduced accordingly your performance get lower.

This is what I can understand about ratings


Ideally, your performance shouldn’t be updated whether upwards or downwards if you do not work


understand that the days keep rolling. so if you had a 50% performance on day 59, and it passes 2 days, this performance isn’t counted anymore.


It is much more complicated than people usually give it credit for. The last 60 days part is what makes it much more complicated cuz, if you think about it, the last 60 days is a very dynamic thing. The days that fall into this time period changes on a daily basis. Here’s an illustration that might help you understand better :slight_smile:


If you only had one order in the last 60 days and you completed it you would be at 100%.

If that order then got cancelled in the last 60 days you would be at 0%.

So before that you had more completed orders but more cancellations. But all of those scrolled off beyond 60 days.