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My Story: $100,000 earned in my first year of being a seller

Today I surpassed a huge milestone in my Fiverr career passing $100,000 of earnings in my 1st year as a seller. I wanted to share my story with the community to hopefully inspire other sellers and provide some advice from my experience.

The beginning

Back in January 2020 I got my first order for $200, I was so excited at the prospect of earning money during my free time, as I had a fulltime job at the time (more on that later).

I fulfilled my first order and received my first review, my heart was beating so fast waiting to see what my customer would say about me as I knew the importance of customer feedback for continued business. After leaving my review on the buyer, I saw that I received my very first 5 star review, I was immediately hooked and wanted more.

All I earned in that month was $200 but the idea of being self sufficient started to develop in my mind and reading other success stories on the forum made me think, why not me?

The next few months I started working with a wide array of customers and several that I managed to secure repeat business from. Creating success for their businesses made repeat business easier and with that came positive reviews helping improve my gig position within the marketplace.

I recall when I also received my first $10 tip, an amazing feeling, not matter the amount.

By the end of March 2020 i had skyrocketed my earnings to on par with what I earned per month in my full time job and that seed of self sufficiency started to grow.

The global pandemic reached the stores of the UK and the world started to change before my eyes. Previously in my career I was somewhat of a “globe trotter” 40+ flights around the world each year in charge of Global Sales. Overnight my travel stopped, events cancelled and a new reality started to emerge that maybe my once comfortable career might not be “secure” or able to continue developing and climbing the “corporate ladder”.

We entered a national lockdown and this was pivotal for my growth not only as person but as a seller on Fiverr. Being locked in my house pretty much 24/7 allowed me to double down and focus harder at the weekends/free time to grow my profile.

Level 2 seller & Fiverr’s choice

Reaching Level 2 was a fantastic achievement which took around 7 months of hard work to achieve. This promotion allowed me to add an extra layer of trust & expertise to my gig. My order volume continued to increase month on month however i experienced some new learning curves (both positive and negative) that I will touch on later.

One day I received an order that has a “Fiverr’s Choice” badge, I had not seen this before and turns out that my gig had been selected to be a Fiverr’s Choice service. I was so ecstatic to see that customers and Fiverr recognised the quality of my craft and awarded me this awesome little badge. I felt so proud and continued to ensure i was delivering quality to my customers around the world.

Deciding to quit my job

I have always wanted to run my own business and ultimately be my own boss, this was a dream that has always sat at the forefront of my mind.

Achieving success within the corporate world before even turning 30 years old was a lifechanging experience. This early development allowed me to grow beyond my years and transfer skills into the world of Fiverr/freelancing that not a lot of people would have had the opportunity to experience (which I am truly forever grateful for).

However the more success you earn that more you question your own value which at the time i was not earning although creating huge success in my job. In the end working for someone else’s dream and not mine made me question my position and left me with a hard decision to make.

I took the biggest leap of faith in my life, during one of the most unstable economic moments in generations and decided to quit my job and go full time on Fiverr.


Over the last 12 months its not been all “sunshine and rainbows” there have been times that have been extremely challenging (and sometimes out of my hands).

  • First chargeback experience. I delivering a 5 star reviewed project, a customer decided months later to file a chargeback on the order which resulted in me losing thousands of dollars.

  • I experienced a good few “endless extensions” these happened while working on orders where the customer takes up your time but does not progress the project forward and sometimes even ended up with the customers cancelling the order.

Losing my gig rank.

This challenge is possibly the biggest that we see posted throughout the community and often seems to be a lot of conflicting information about this, so here is my experience.

When gig analytics became available once again I was able to see that my gig was averaging a good 1000/1500 impressions per day. As we entered November 2020 I started to notice my gig performance was heading into a worrying direction. I had tested using the promoted gigs feature and this seemed to have an effect on my gig rank or maybe me as a seller subconsciously as I started to update my gig far too frequently (6 times) as I battled to regain some exposure.

This made everything worse and I ended up going from 1000/1500 impressions per day to only 5-10.
I made the decision to stop focusing on changing my gig and continue on what I knew works best, providing excellence to my customers. Sometimes a week on fiverr can feel like a long time when your gig has been pushed to the back page but remember if you focus on the quality of your work this will help you in the long run.

My advice

Some may read this story and think this is a short amount of time to achieve “success” but in reality this has been a long road, full of mistakes, learning, developing and pushing myself forward. It has taken me around 10 years of learning a multitude of creative and business skills to be able to succeed in this competitive arena.

Here are some key tips i live by.

  • Remember the artform that is business, always overdeliver to your customers, going the extra mile in any walk of life has huge benefits.

  • Unbelievable Customer support! I cannot stress this enough even with difficult customers. Remember "the customer is not always right, but they are always the customer" p.s i heard that from a Fiverr seminar (apologies I forgot the name of Fiverr Staff that said this but it stuck with me). Not only does this reflect in your reviews but it allows potential buyers to feel at ease that you will be with them every step of the way through good/bad and challenging situations.


  • Be a great salesperson This is a huge part of generating revenue which is being able to sell yourself to clients, I was fortunate to gain these skills through my life (even as a waiter). Selling is the key element that will help you grow, keep learning this skill, you do not need to be an business person, sales are in all walks of life.

  • Work hard, sacrifice and be a master of your craft I know this sounds clichĂ© but its a very important element and if your not willing to put in the work, it simply wont happen. Sacrifices are also needed to be made, you cannot burn the candle at both ends and ultimately running a business is very stressful and priorities need to be set.

  • Make mistakes learn from them but never make the same mistake twice, i cannot tell you the amount of mistakes i have made but without those i would never be able to grow.

  • Enjoy yourself (most important) life is very short, do things that make you happy and breathe passion into your work. At the end of the day a monetary amount is just a number, I am proud of this but being the person I want to be is something that gives me joy.

Sorry for the long post but if you have made it to the end, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my story. I hope this inspires people and i also hope that it does not come across as self glorifying as this is not my aim.

I am truly grateful for all the people in my life who have supported me and given me the the courage to take this leap of faith. To Fiverr and the community, thank you for always being here and providing endless opportunities.

My goal is to continue expanding my Fiverr career and keep growing :slight_smile:



Congratulations, that’s an awesome achievement!


Thank you for being honest and thorough in your story. Don’t apologize for the length: Life isn’t easy and there are always complications. Stories need context, and this one set the scene very well.


Thank you so much, man. God bless you. Stay happy, stay safe. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Take love from Bangladesh.


Congratulation of your achievement!.


Congratulation :slightly_smiling_face: hope you will be Top rated seller soon


Remarkable achievement and great advice :+1:
May you keep growing


Wow!, Just wow! You should be proud of yourself! :sunglasses:


Congratulations! It’s a big achievement.


Big achievement congratulation. So many things to learn from your story. Thanks


Awesome!! :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: Thanks for sharing with us. it’s a motivational story specially for new comers. Congrats on your achievement.


Congratulation for your great achievement!!!


Congratulations, Awesome, very happy


Ohhhhh! These are the posts and topics I love to read! Thank you so much for this, thank you for inspiring us!



That’s remarkable, Andrew. I just had a look at your profile, and I must say, it’s amazing. Though, I have a few questions if you don’t mind…

  • Do you work alone or do you have a team working for you? How many people?
  • Do you do any marketing outside of Fiverr?
  • Do you have an income stream that does NOT rely on Fiverr?

Once again, thanks a million for sharing your story and wisdom. I cannot help but feel inspired and wish you more of that success in future.

:sparkles: Congratulations!! :sparkles:


Congratulations! It’s a great achievement.


Congratulations for your success


Congratulation for your great achievement!!!


Congratulations on your achievement, and thanks for sharing your story, I’m starting my own business on Fiverr and I honestly love working as a freelancer. Wish you all the best on your freelancing journey.


I checked and liked your work :slight_smile: